2008-06-15 47 -121

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Sun 15 Jun 2008 in Snoqualmie:
47.4753808, -121.7612767

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Satellite wasn't that useful, so I scouted it myself. Turns out to be down a private drive in somebody's back yard.




A bright sunny morning on Father's day, and I've always wanted to take the 436th street exit for something. (Who counts 436 blocks from city center anyhow?)

Drove down a private drive and saw a young deer crossing between me and a barn, so I thought I'd try from the other side. More drive ways and roads, so I got as close as I could.

On the way back to the freeway, I passed this:


Thomcat earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost reaching the (47, -121) geohash on 2008-06-15.
2008 06 15 47 -121 sign.jpg