2008-08-08 47 -121

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Fri 8 Aug 2008 in Snoqualmie:
47.6624398, -121.9135199

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Between Carnation and Duvall, near Horseshoe Lake. Nearly 1.21 miles from 2008-07-06 47 -121. Will all Snoqualmie expeditions be on the west edge of the graticule?




A little east and south from the office, then home across the 520 floating bridge. Lots of beautiful farm country, and a break from the humidity of the last week. A great start to the weekend!

Oh, the geohash. Left work a little early. Parked, hopped a barbed wire fence, and strolled through the high grass to the spot. It's in the corner of a field, outside the curve of the tractor's turn. There's a nice tree nearby, though not near enough to hang a camera on to snap a self portrait. I guess "arm's length camera" will have to do. 1:30 - time to get home before Friday traffic gets nasty.

I realize after uploading the third file that I had misnamed all three graticule-wise. *sigh*