2012-05-05 47 -121

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Sat 5 May 2012 in 47,-121:
47.9300117, -121.7941584

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In the woods just west of Lake Bronson, which is north of Sultan a few miles.



I'm going to try to bike there, get there in the afternoon (say 2pm) and take buses back from Sultan. Time can be changed if others want to meet. OtherJack 02:57, 5 May 2012 (EDT)

Expedition Fail[edit]

So this morning I'm trying to scout out the location a little better on the maps... it looks like there's some development around the lake, but still lots of woods, not clear if it's private land or not. Suddenly it occurs to me do a google search for "Lake Bronson" Washington and see if anything useful comes up. And I get... the Lake Bronson Club Family Nudist Park!! No joke! Browsing around their website quickly makes two things clear: the hashpoint is on their property, but they actually take visitors if you call in advance...

After mulling it over I dial their number. After about six rings, some guy actually answers! In fact, he's quite reasonable when I explain what I'm doing. But it turns out that, by chance, today is one of two days PER YEAR that there's a big membership meeting and so no one will be there to check me in and let me in the gate. Unless I'd shown up in the morning, which it was way too late for by then.

So basically, I missed out on what would have been one of the strangest Ambassador achievements ever. And the margin of error was not thinking to do a Google search for the lake when I first saw the point on Friday...