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Want to send a hashcard but don't know where?

Hope to get a surprise card from the other side of the globe?

Here is the place to get it together. Put your name on the list of senders, send your address to people who might send you a card, or choose an address from the homepage links.

Interested senders[edit]

Send your address to these people to get yourself into the bowl. Maybe they'll send a card some day.

Interested recipients[edit]

Want cards - address link provided[edit]

These people like to get cards and their addresses are to find somewhere behind the links. Just look them up and complete the surprise!

  • virgletati - Use this page, why not. I love postcards!
  • Andyroo - You can find me here - Hurrah for surprise cards!
  • Rhonda - see whois data for write-on.org.
  • Reinhard - You'll find it here. You may use 'Germany' instead of 'Deutschland'. ;) Reply card probable!
  • Koepfel - You can find my address here. Yes, I know it's hard to read. It's supposed to prevent automated address harvesting.
  • Crox - see whois data for CROX-RIPE and add Switzerland (but don't write to the e-mail there, use the wiki instead).
  • isopekka - Use this page. Send a card to Lapland!
  • Vswe - You can find it here.
  • Per S - Send me one! Use this address.

Want cards - send mail for address[edit]

These people are just begging for cards. Ask them for their address and make it true. Of course you may also ask anyone else (but don't pester if someone is not interested!)

The small print (or: how it should work)[edit]

General notes:

  • To receive emails over the wiki, you need to set a valid email address and activate Enable e-mail from other users in the Users profile section of your preferences page.
  • Always respect privacy of others. You must keep the addresses obtained secret and delete them on request.

If you are willing to send cards and accept (unrequested) addresses of interested receivers, put your name on the first list. You will probably get a number of emails with addresses of interested recipients soon and can choose one of them whenever you feel like sending a hashcard. If you don't want to get more addresses, just take yourself off the list again.
Alternatively pick someone from the second list. Or take a name from the third list and ask for the address. Of course you may well also ask anyone else.

If you hope to get a card, and promise not to forget to confirm receival, you may pick names from the first list and send them your address by mail to get your name into the bowl. You probably won't get a reply any soon, but someone may (or may not) send you a surprise card some time in future. Don't be disappointed if noone does, though. If you would rather like to get asked for your address in advance than send it yourself to random people, put your name into the lower list. This spoils the surprise a bit, anyway.

If you have your address somewhere on the web anyway (probably on your private homepage) and are interested in getting surprise cards, add your name and a link to the page containing your address here. Do not put the actual address into the list. For your own security, however, it is rather discouraged to use this feature. Only use it if you, for some reason, can't avoid to have your address on the web anyway, and don't mind if everyone can look it up. On the plus side you may get a totally unexpected hashcard some day.