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A field ploughed with straw...

The Tongs is a name for a group of friends who go geohashing in the Cambridge (UK) graticule, but who might stray into the Northampton graticule sometimes. We usually aim to visit hashpoints nearish us at 4pm local time, if it looks like there's something interesting in the area or if people want to meet up (we monitor our talk page, so leave us a message if you do). If you see postings from 'Tongs', it's usually Tongs/B.

Please feel free to say hello using email, to leave a message on our answering machine, or to visit our wiki.

Tongs: Use this link, centred on the Fitzwilliam lawn, to check for points.

Information here[edit]


January 2018
User:Tongs/B has moved to 51,-0! The other Tongs remain in 52,0. I wonder if this means I should set up a separate user account for myself, or optimistically hope that we all keep going geohashing together in spite of the distance...