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The first entry for both recipient categories don't work. relet no longer has an address at that link and UnwiseOwl does not have email from the site enabled. Does this page need to be curated? --Stephen Cerruti

This and related pages seem to give mixed messages regarding putting one's mailing address up publicly, whether on one's own site or the wiki - either it is good (for a surprise postcard) or it is a dangerous practice that should be discouraged and replaced with requests by email (and even then the email should be hidden behind the wiki interface). Some people seem to have chosen a middle road by extensively obfuscating the address, such as referring people to WHOIS. Shouldn't the formal wiki opinion on this just be that of the Privacy Policy page: as a responsible adult (that is, if you are one), your privacy is in your own hands, make sure you make realistic decisions about it? -Arlo James Barnes (N35, W105) 18:41, 14 February 2013 (EST)