Jacksonville, Florida

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Today's Geohash: [Jacksonville, FL]

The Jacksonville, FL graticule is located at latitude 30 N, longitude 81 W.

Cities in this Graticule[edit]

  • Jacksonville, FL
    • Jacksonville Landing is a nice place to start to explore downtown Jacksonville. It starts you on the riverside with enough ferries to go where you want should you need to cross the river.
    • The most developed areas are encompassed by I-295, which is a beltway. Jacksonville is further split by the St. John's River - the northern section within 295 is more urban, the rest of Jacksonville is more suburban to urban.
    • I-10 terminates in Jacksonville, meaning you could drive from Santa Monica, CA to Jacksonville on the same highway. It creates an intersection with I-95. If you're passing through I-95 northbound, it can be a bit disorienting with the right mindset at the intersection. While it feels like you're about to merge with I-10, it's really an exit: stay left to stay on 95, stay right to exit onto 10. If you aren't thinking in terms of north/west, it's turning right to go left and left to go right.
  • Jacksonville Beach, FL
    • Definitely the rich part of town the further south you get, down to Ponte Vedra with all the tournament-caliber golf clubs like TPC Sawgrass. There's a great big undeveloped area sitting between Jacksonville and working southeast towards Ponte Vedra.
  • Orange Park, FL
    • Most GPS directions taking you southwest of Jacksonville will go through Orange Park and take you through exit 12 off 295 through Blanding Boulevard. Be aware that this place is generally filled with traffic and add time to your expedition accordingly. Alternatively, you can take I-95 south, get off at CR-210, then make your way towards FL-16 to bypass it all.
  • Fruit Cove, FL
  • Kingsland, GA
  • St. Marys, GA
  • Cumberland Island, GA

Water Hazards in this Graticule[edit]

Atlantic Ocean
St. Johns River
Salt Marshes

Meet-up Locations[edit]

Descending Order, feel free to add any dailies!

Notable Dates[edit]

  • None Yet! Let's Get Finding Each other!
  • July 5th - We should meet up and play with explosives! Who's all in?! (written by KhaosTheory)
    • Have to change plans, will NOT be there :-( (slackfive)
    • Perhaps this may have to wait another week... (KhaosTheory)
    • I want to go. Anyone know if there's parking on those little streets? Lets make s'mores! (Scherzade)

Local Geohashers[edit]

  • Geoff and Erica are, to their December 2013-era knowledge, the only active geohashers in the area.
  • Sopchoppy Just discovered this (August 2012) and will soon be using it as motorcycle trip fuel.
  • slackfive will be there this weekend unless slacking.
  • KhaosTheory lives in the wrong state now.
  • Dorsai3d is...
  • darknumchuck cannot make it this weekend and is very sad.
  • scherzade plans on being there 7/5/08 unless something comes up.
  • untrainedmonkey wishes she could drive and therefore go to meetups whenever she pleased, but as it is must wait until the coordinates are miraculously close to her location...
  • Mr. Bow Tie from OP.
  • Buck Just discovered this (September 2012) and will be keeping an eye on it.


Woodveil earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (30, -81) graticule, here, on 2009-01-01.

Non-local Geohashers[edit]

  • NWoodruff is only 5 hours away and would love a second chance at an official meetup. Maybe a 4pm Saturday meetup if I leave at 11am?