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2008-06-28 30 -81

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Sat 28 Jun 2008 in 30,-81:
30.6581110, -81.3656342

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[edit] About

Alternate Location Suggested, Actual point is in the Atlantic Ocean, so instead There's a large park and beach near by that should be better.

In a related event, geocache GC15TW1 is also nearby.

[edit] Expeditions

We Made It! A 45 minute drive lead to some wonderful beach scenery. User:Slackfive, the geowife and the geodog all made it by 4:30! We put on bathing suits and hung out with the geodog getting some sun on the beach. After about 45mins the afternoon storms rolled in. We tried to wait them out, but the geodog was scared of the thunder and once it let up, we ran back to the geovan and drove on home.