2009-01-02 30 -81

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Fri 2 Jan 2009 in Jacksonville:
30.1312321, -81.8034929

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The hashpoint was located in the Bear Run subdivision, off of Blanding Blvd. Google Maps indicated the point itself to be inside of a house.



Fortunately, this hashpoint was less than 6 miles from our starting location, and in a very accessible location. Statistically, it could be months before we get another hash this convenient. That said, we decided to go for the four-achievement tetracombo of the Ambassador-Land-No Batteries-Consecutive Geohash. We drove to the location and met up with Mr. Bow Tie, who had ridden his bike and was also attempting a tetracombo. We counted houses until we found the right one, and knocked on the door. The only thing on the other side was a dog! Foiled by the homeowners probably being at work. Well, we did attempt the hash at 11:00 in the morning, so it wasn't much of a surprise. But hey, at least we walked away with our No Trespassing ribbon.

Mr. Bow Tie[edit]

With the hashpoint being only six miles away and bike friendly, I thought I could get up to four achievements: a tetracombo if you will. I was attempting to get there:

1) By land

2) On my bike

3) Without GPS

I also would have gained the Ambassador achievement because the hashpoint was inside a house.

But alas, no one was home and all I get is a No Trespassing achievement. Dang.



This user earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost reaching the (30, -81) geohash on 2009-01-02.