2012-06-02 30 -81

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Sat 2 Jun 2012 in Bryceville, Florida:
30.4302218, -81.9486278

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The Plan[edit]

Looks to be just off a rural road. Take Ford Road west, circle around the roads in back, walk said rural road. Easy!

The Adventure[edit]

I really shouldn't have jinxed this one. When I got dressed, I decided to put on the same shirt I had from a successful but failed Georgia hash, completely acknowledging the bad luck charm that it was.

There were three ways into the backroads of this hash. Ford Road, which Google Streetview said was an open road, Big Oaks Road, which was an ATV trail if that, and CR-119, which was clearly fenced off. We focused on Ford. Upon getting there was our first obstacle - heavy machinery. New pipelines were being put in on both sides of the road, and I doubt they'd be happy to let passerbys just walk right on through and then unexpectedly come out of the woods later. Thankfully, they weren't blocking the road, but they come into play later.

First problem was once we got to Ford Road - it was fenced off after all. We thought about Big Oaks Road, which had a bulldozer in front of the path when we got there. Not something I'd like to try dealing with, personally. Finally, we looked at CR-119, and it was only there the error in judgment showed up. This wasn't a rural road, it was a service road for power lines. More importantly, the fenced in area, unlike previous fences, were fenced off by barbed wire. Not impassable in the slightest, but with all the no trespassing signs, we decided that they could have this one.

When we returned, we realized there were two other roads we could have taken, but I highly doubt there'd magically be no other signs or barbed wire once we got past the private property fences. No trespassing it is.



Geoff earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost reaching the (30, -81) geohash on 2012-06-02.
2012-06-02 30 -81 Fence.JPG