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Thu 7 Jun 2012 in Jacksonville, Florida:
30.2988322, -81.5258616

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The Plan[edit]

Between the split roads of St. John's Bluff Road N and S. This makes me wish I had a bike, because it's 8.5 miles / 13.5 km away; it'd make for a decent ride. Waiting for Erica to get up to discuss whether we should go at lunch or after work. I'm leaning towards lunch myself, but we'll see where she weighs in.

The Geohashers[edit]

The Adventure[edit]

In retrospect, this would have been a miserable adventure if I had biked. The humidity was godawful, even for Florida; I felt like I was drowning in the shower within two minutes. Riding out in it would've made it even worse.

Really, there wasn't much of an adventure to be had. Erica and I were already meeting for lunch, so it came out rather simple. We'd stop to have a bite to eat, given that they weren't busy, then set out on the other half of my lunch break. We took a few backroads to Beach Blvd (who names their street Parental Home Road?) , then got onto St. John's Bluff Road. The road was split, so no chance for a speed racer unless I was feeling wildly illegal, so we simply dashed across to the grass divider to find our point.

Oddly enough, for being sandwiched right between two roads as it should have been, that divider was lousy with crickets. Aside from that, really, about the only interesting thing that happened while we slowly made our way north was a large mud puddle from the storms we've been having that was looking like the hash would fall on it. Given neither of us were wearing boots, that was potentially a problem... until the hashpoint was actually a good ten feet south of it. Crisis averted! We retreated to our parking space in front of a strip mall largely taken up by a small university and dance/gymnastics studio and left our marker, the Clubs Deuce. [/obligatory Homestuck reference]

All in all, a fairly boring hash only made interesting to the two of us because it was done at lunch in the middle of the day. No achievables this time as I can't think of any we qualify for outside of the basics.