2013-03-25 39 -77

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Mon 25 Mar 2013 in 39,-77:
39.0108820, -77.5744300

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About a hundred feet off Evergreen Mills Rd in Leesburg, VA



Depending on traffic, I may try to get there this evening before sunset. Would leave Rockville at 5.


Today was a snow day for much of the area. I had to work until 5 and I figured maybe there would be light traffic. I checked the cameras along the route at 5 and decided to go for it. I lit up a cigar and set out. From the map it looked like Evergreen Mill was a divided highway and the geohash point was in the middle of the southbound lanes. Once I got there I realized that the road is a narrow two lane blacktop with minimal shoulders. So I pulled over and put two wheels in a watery ditch--thanks to 4 wheel drive. I got out and started wandering. The clear patch was due to clearing a path for the power lines which run parallel to the road. I wandered around in the woods watching my phone until the numbers turned green. Success!




  • Land geohash
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