Altoona, Pennsylvania

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Oil City St. Marys Williamsport
Pittsburgh Altoona State College
Morgantown, West Virginia Cumberland, Maryland Frederick, Maryland

Today's location: not yet announced

Today's Location: Altoona, PA

The Altoona, Pennsylvania graticule is at latitude 40, longitude -78.

Boroughs in this Graticule[edit]

Local Geohashers[edit]

  • Clint, I'm in State College, but I'll visit most places in this corner of the quad-graticule area.
  • SeanQuinn, I'm in State College, but sometimes the Altoona ones are much closer.
  • InitHello, I'm in Johnstown, but the map seems to think that's part of Altoona.
  • Namhsi, I'm from Punxsutawney, but I'll go to wherever the closest locations are...