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Tue 4 Jun 2013 in 39,-77:
39.3109784, -77.2365543

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Just off Moxley Rd near a path in Monrovia, MD


OfficeLinebacker (talk)


I had a Dr appt and decided to blow off work after and go straight there. I thought I could beat traffic (note the use of foreshadowing by the author).


Well at the first Dr Appt I found out I had to fetch X-rays from another doctor's office and while it would delay me, it was kind of on my way so I fetched the Xrays before going geohashing. The new way from the second Dr office and the highway was almost completely blocked with traffic. I thought it was because of the timing of the lights and the huge volume of cars leaving NIH and the Bethesda Naval Medical Center. But shortly after I got on the highway, I heard a traffic report that all traffic on 355 North had been diverted and they couldn't get to the highway. I decided that if I could get on the highway by 4, I would still try. I made it at about 3:51.

It's worth noting at this point I was in business attire--dress shirt, slacks, dress shoes.

It's also worth noting that the traffic and weather reports are combined on the news station, the the weather man was raving about the exceptional weather--high 70s and very low humidity. A great day to be outside.

The highway itself did have stop and go traffic at times but I was committed. Once I got off the highway, it was smooth sailing. I passed through the Little Bennett Regional Park which was really cool.

I finally found Moxley Rd and slowed down. There was a barbed wire fence that looked a little tricky and no real place to pull over so I continued down. After making a U-turn, coming back down, I saw a very obscured path entrance and I pulled in. I saw two paths, one that went parallel (roughly) to the road, and another that veered left. I took the parallel route, remembering a path on the satellite view. I almost got stuck in an area of deep (6-8") mud but powered through, spinning my wheels like crazy. After that it was just grass. I got to a place where the path was blocked which also happened to be about 20 ft past the hashpoint.

I got out of the car and did a mini GPS dance in the brush, realizing that accuracy was not great but I'm confident I was within 1m of the hash at some point. Uploaded a pic through the spotty internet connection. SUCCESS!

On my way back I decided to see what was down the other path, and found a ford (a creek crossing). There were hoof prints on the path as well. My CR-V made easy work of the creek, the water being only about 4 inches deep. I continued along the path until it reached a horse farm. I saw horses in a pasture and buildings and a little show area, but no people, perhaps mercifully. I turned around and headed back out for the road.

I must say I love being out in nature, and away from the city. The smells and sounds are incredible.

I was hungry so I searched Yelp for a restaurant. There was a place called In10se BBQ that was 1.2 mi away but had no review. It is located inside a store of some kind so I went for it. I was very, pleasantly surprised. This place is a hidden gem. The BBQ is dry rubbed and smoked. The proprietor recommended the chicken, as Tuesdays he does chicken, so I took a half a chicken. An amazing cap to my expedition. I'll be proud to submit the virgin review.

On the way back I found several paths with tall grass in the Little Bennett Regional Park that I drove on just for fun (the grass was well over my door sill and I had to close my windows so seeds wouldn't get in the car.

Then I saw another narrow track into the woods almost to the Clarksburg interchange and drove on it. I surprised a bunny and a deer both snacking in a fallow field. Great stuff.

Another great expedition.