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Wed 24 Oct 2012 in 31,34:
31.9975050, 34.8766213

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Thetreeman's first and unsuccessful expedition!


Ben Gurion Airport.


  • thetreeman
  • his father
  • his baby brother
  • and his baby brother's mother


PLAN A: Stop by on way back from work, use co-workers phone as GPS. Hopefully point won't be behind fence. *fingers crossed*

PLAN B: Get dad to give me a lift to point.


So the whole "on the way back from work" thing went down the drain the moment we hit a major traffic jam and the timer was counting down for my cat's insulin shot.

So eventually I got around to convincing my father to give me a ride to the point.

We pretty much went round and about random terminal roads a few times before finally reaching a rather close destination, but we ended up being blocked by a large wall and fence. We also got a bunch of suspicious looks from airport staff, turns out the point was in an area belonging to airport operations, and members of the general public were discouraged from visiting...

Geohash attempt one is a moderate failure, I got within 100 meters of the point, but hopefully once my PC'll recognise my phone I'll have a picture of two to upload.

At least I got an adventure out of it.



thetreeman earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost reaching the (31, 34) geohash on 2012-10-24.