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Rachel and Adam are roommates. This is their story. It's full of drama, action, questionable sexuality, and giant sea turtles (sorry, no raptors). Just to make things clear, in Israel all buses and stores don't run from Friday afternoon to Saturday night due to the Holy Sabbath. Hallelujah.

Fri 17 Jul 2009 in 31,34:
31.7448658, 34.9820917

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A bunch of trees next with a park on one side, and a roundabout on the other, in Beit Shemesh


Rachel and Adam


Adam: "Hey this is really close"
Rachel: "But we need to go shopping"
Adam: "The last bus is in half an hour"
Rachel: "Take a picture of the screen, I'll bring my notebook"

And off we go.


Adam was all excited because he just made a new username on geohash and wanted to show Rachel. They thought as long as the site was already up they might as well look up the coordinates for the day. As it just so happens, the coordinates ended up in a very familiar place in Beit Shemesh, the town they used to live in. Being the face that it was a Friday afternoon and the buses only run till a quarter to 5 and it was already 4:15, they had to make a quick decision as to whether they should do their grocery shopping so they would have food for the weekend or to make the 20 minute walk to the bus stop.

The choice was an obvious one. They rushed out of the house and thankfully made it to the bus stop in the nick of time.

They got to Beit Shemesh, reached the rotary/traffic circle, and continued towards the forest in the park. As it turns out, it's a very littered area and is full of trash. Their was playdough and a rope there. They turned out to be of use when they later needed to hang up the sign for they had forgotten to bring duck tape. They also survived a shopping cart attack.

They reached the geohash point, took a picture, and hung up the sign.

They later they went to Adam's mother's house and ate cookies and were attacked by a sea turtle in a movie. The little beauty pageant girls weren't making that any easier. After drinking hefty amounts of water, for it was 93.2°, they headed towards the entrance to the city to hitchhike back to Jerusalem. After around 20 minutes (people here are nice) they got a ride with a group of very nice Russians who later told Rachel their life story.

The end. Or is it? MUAHAHAHAAA! Yes, it is.

This successful geohashing adventure is dedicated to their good friend Gracie, whose birthday was on this fortunate day. And also to Gavi, who would have really had liked to come, but as for he is in the army he could not. He also had a birthday this week. Mazel Tov y'all.



Rachel earned the Drag-along achievement
by dragging Adam to the (31, 34) geohash on 2009-07-17.
Rachel and Adam earned the No Batteries Geohash Achievement
by reaching the (31, 34) geohash on 2009-07-17.
Rachel and Adam earned the Public transport geohash achievement
by reaching the (31, 34) geohash on 2009-07-17 via 417 Egged From Jerusalem to Beit Shemesh.
Rachel and Adam earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (31, 34) geohash on 2009-07-17.