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Tue 18 Feb 2014 in 31,34:
31.9593329, 34.7784354

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AT the edge of Rishon LeZion, right next to highway 4.



Yael ("Dambi")



Dambi leaves her base (she's in the army :[) at 17:00, so her and Aya can catch bus 139 on 18:00 at Kiryat Ono, while I can join them when the bus passes at Or Yehuda, and from there it's only half an hour to Rishon, and a short walk to the hash itself.


The three of us got of the bus at HaHistadrut way next to the bridge, crossed it, walked down Sde Nahum park, and through there found our way to a small playground at the edge of the neighborhood. Turns out the hill we saw on Google Street View is a nice little thing on the side the camera showed, but it's other side is steeper and full of bushes and trees that kind of block the way. Not the kind of place you'd like top climb at dark. After making our way through there, and climbing a small wall that we didn't have to climb (after climbing it we saw that there was a way around it nearby), we got to the hash point, that turned out to be a great view point. If your idea of a good view includes a highway junction and an Ikea store.

After taking pictures at the hashpoint, we went down the hill (turns out the climbing through the bushes was also unnecessary, as there was a way around that as well) and decided to make up a new achievement for the game- Time Wrap at the hash, to which you can find proofs here and here.

As the trip still felt kind of thin, we decided to walk all the way back to a different part of Rishon we saw on our way there from the bus (about 4 kilometers), where we had time to buy Falafel before chasing the bus, which we got to just on time.



Omri earned the Time Warp Achievement
by for doing the Time Warp again on (31, 34) geohash on 2014-02-18.