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The Tampa, Florida graticule is at latitude 27, longitude -82.


January 6th is the birthday of an "anonymous" geohasher. She is getting ink at Lat: 28.011 Lon: -82.709185. It's technically out of your graticule, but very close. If you show up at 1pm you get a cookie and a hug.

Notable Events[edit]


2012-12-23 27 -82 -- Successful Air geohash by Geoff

2012-06-08 27 -82 -- In a trainyard in Port of Tampa.

2010-01-14 27 -82 -- St. Petersburg, FL, West of Sarasota on some farm

2010-01-08 27 -82 -- St. Petersburg, FL, in the left lane of NB 66th St just North of Tyrone blvd

2010-01-03 27 -82 -- Jen aparently succeded in the first documented expedition in this graticule

Local Geohashers[edit]

Names in bold are active as of 2012.

Atebo --Is actually located in the Tampa bay (north) graticule, but will go to Tampa when he can.

Paul New to this, near USF! Would love to meet up!

Dandye is frequently disappointed because so many Saturday meetups are in the middle of the Gulf.

Dylan has not made a meetup yet.

Nadelle would love to make it to any she can...if there are any.

Tumbleweed Seems to be the newest hasher, and the sexiest.

moogmania just figured this out and is determined to meet at least one of you.

qwertyuiop1485 is curious as to whether anybody is active in this graticule.

hermy is wanting the dow to go up so it helps the economy and so theirs a meeting for once in stpete. O.o

Josh Just got started, cant wait to go to the meetups.

Matthew resides in the USF campus most times, however migrates to the 28,-82 graticule during the summer, as that is his home.

Djeis is totally new to geohashing, but excited to get started!


Jen appears to have had the first successful expedition here, but did not supply any proof. The first person to supply proof of a successful expedition was Geoff on 2012-06-08.

Jen earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (27, -82) graticule, here, on 2010-01-03.