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Air Geohash

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The following ribbon is available for achievers of the Air Geohash. Follow the instructions to customize it for your geohash.

This user earned the Air geohash achievement
by reaching the ({{{latitude}}}, {{{longitude}}}) geohash on [[{{{date}}} {{{latitude}}} {{{longitude}}}|{{{date}}}]] by air.
"How are you flying?"
"I learned Python! [...] I also sampled everything in my medicine cabinet, but I think it's the Python."

The "Air Geohash" achievement can be claimed when a Geohasher reaches the correct location for that day (and supplies proof -- a picture of you in an airplane isn't enough) while in an airborne vehicle. Jumping in the air does not count.

Air Geohash Subcategories[edit]

Add the applicable subcategory to your award ribbon. If you achieve the Air Geohash more than once in different subcategories you may list them all on the same ribbon or take separate ribbons as you wish.

  • For geohashers who are the actual pilot-in-command at the time, use Pilot
    • For an Air Geohash: Pilot award that is achieved while in actual IMC conditions (no hoods or foggles!) the Master Pilot award is available.
    • For an Air Geohash:Pilot award that is achieved while piloting a helicopter, Harrier jet or similar hovering craft Hover Pilot award is available.
    • For an Air Geohash:Pilot award that is achieved while piloting a dirigible the Blimp Pilot award is available.
    • Flying a kite equipped with a GPS now qualifies the Geohasher for a Geohash By Proxy achievement.
  • For geohashers that are at or above 5280' (1609.34m) AGL at the time of photographic proof, the Mile High award is available. (May also be achieved skydiving, of course!)
  • For geohashers in a hot air balloon at the time of photographic proof, the Balloon award is available.
    • NOTE: Air Geohash:Balloon is NOT available for floating a balloon on a string over the spot. You might be able to pass that off as a kite, though.

Acceptable proof[edit]

In addition to the standard proof listed on the Achievements page, for aircraft in flight, a photograph which shows all of the following will also be acceptable:

  • Your stupidly grinning face.
  • Something displaying the date (typically your GPS)
  • A Geosync device showing you to be within 10-arc-seconds E/W and within 10-arc-seconds N/S of the correct location.


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