2010-01-08 27 -82

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Fri 8 Jan 2010 in 27,-82:
27.7931022, -82.7284049

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In the left lane of Northbound 66th Street just past the intersection with Tyrone blvd.


  • moogmania Will first drive through at high speed at ~1.20pm and will stop at nearest safe place to hopefully meet some ppls there in the evening


moogmania accomplished this expedition, though it was rather uneventful. The coordinates were in the middle of a busy road that I use every day to get to work and my girlfriend's house, so not much adventuring was required to get there. Also, it was super cold and it rained all day so there was very little motivation to get out of the car. I drove through the location 4x but never saw anyone around so I never stopped to take pictures. I am definitely looking forward to a more adventurous (and more social) expedition in the future, however I am still brimming with pride for completing my first Geohash.