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"I'm crazy, at least that's what they tell me. And it's a real load off my mind too. You can get away with pretty much anything if you're bonkers. It really relieves alot of pressure and responsibility from me. What I've notice about being insane is that most people don't really want to acknowledge insanity. You can walk down the street talking to yourself or little dancing bears that no one else sees and people will violently avoid eyecontact. 'Keep walking, don't look at the crazy guy! Act like you don't see him.' You become invisible because people just don't want to deal with what they don't understand. Life's too busy to stop someone from having a conversation with a fire hydrant. And being crazy isn't illegal. You won't even be placed into an insane asylum unless you try to hurt yourself or others. There are a lot of things I like about being crazy but one of my favorite things has to be the fact that I don't have to be anything that the world expects me. If I feel like crawling around on the floor and barking durring a busines meeting then so be it, I'm nuts. If I feel like spouting off conspiracy theories about the alien illuminaty or that I will one day become World Emperor, then it's just to be expected. I'm a complete wacko and it's rather convenient." -Dr. Waldorf Phenius Steel