Fort Myers, Florida

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Recent GeoHash Data[edit]

May 21 - The Gulf of Mexico


User:JackGlass leads a small band of Pirates based at the Coconut Point Mall.

User:Bladeswin is in the Naples Area over the summer.

User:ImmortalityLTD works in Naples, sleeps in Bonita Springs, and eats in either place, depending on the time of day.

User:lackofintellect will try to make some of these, I am not afraid of Alligator Alley.

User: Squin

User:takkun363 has lived here all his life, but will be away for college after the summer.

Cities in the GeoHash Vicinity[edit]

Ft Myers[edit]

Fort Myers is a rather boring little borough located on the Caloosahatchee River. Well known for being the working center of Lee County. This city is sister to Cape Coral, across the river. Little is of interest in this young city. Avoiding US 41 would be of best interest as, although a main thoroughfare, US 41 is a traffic nightmare and very few people in Fort Myers know how to drive properly.

This being said it is an otherwise peaceful city and any geohashes located here are welcome invitations to party at the only real city of interest here in Southwest Florida.

Plus it's better than Naples.


The Ft Myers Box for GeoHashing encompases the city of Naples as well as Ft Myers. This area is frequented by the elderly snowbirds and the hardcore Bush fangirls. Unfortunately because of this demographic, travel to any geohashing location in the vicinity of Naples is encouraged to be undertaken only at the risk of life, limb and automobile accidents caused by little old ladies in caddy's.

Bonita Springs[edit]

Once the home of many working-class people who commuted to Naples or Fort Myers for their jobs in the construction trade, Bonita—as the locals call it—has recently become a virtual ghost town, rife with empty condominiums and drunken brown people on bicycles. But, if you don't want the long wait for a seat in a restaurant, any of Bonita's still-operating establishments will get you right in (if they haven't gone out of business yet).



Estero was once a swath of undeveloped land between bonita and fort myers, but lately has been a part of a commercial land boom.


A wasteland of illegal immigrants and forclosed homes, don't venture to lehigh unless you're armed, or speak mexican. Or both. Or are a racist hick from Arizona.


Potential Problems[edit]

Part of the square (the bottom right) lands in the Big Cypress Preserve, a wildlife area along Alligator Alley. As such, I propose any people actively trying to geohash in this area stick to I75 and not trek into the Preserve. However, as said trek across the Alley would be a pain in the arse and result in a trek at least halfway to Miami, the better option is to simply stay on this side of the Alley.

Part of the square is also the Gulf of Mexico. This will make it quite hard to access. The best option is probably just to ignore the water coordinates, however, if one knows a good location to substitute certain water landings, please say so.

I suggest weekend water landings to be substituted by a beach trip, anyone have a preferred location? --Lackofintellect 10:26, 22 May 2008 (UTC)

How about the public beach closest to the water landing? Try to preserve the spirit of the game and all that horsecrap. Or we could go for a Water Geohash award and become pirates.--ImmortalityLTD 12:04, 04 June 2008 (UTC)

I have a jeep and know how to paddle kayak-yohoho! Will attempt first geohash tuesday 6/17, armed with chess board. User:JackGlass



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