Orlando, Florida

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Today's Location: [Orlando, FL]

The Orlando, FL graticule is at latitude 28 N, longitude 81 W. It includes Orlando and surrounding suburbs.

Cities in this Graticule[edit]

  • Orlando, FL
  • Winter Park, FL
  • Kissimmee, FL
  • Mount Dora, FL
  • Lake Mary, FL




See Category:Meetup in 28 -81.


Asurroca earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (28, -81) graticule, here, on 2009-04-27.

I've given the Virgin Graticlue achievement to Asurroca, who was the first to claim a successful geohash in this graticule. However, no proof was provided. It wasn't until the 3rd geohasher (5th claimed success) for the graticule that proof of any successful expedition was provided.


Orlando Geohash Graticule


2012-10-22 28 -81

Local Geohashers[edit]

  • ShadowBadtz Lives in south Orlando... Foiled by construction and fences! - 8 December 2009
  • Jouva unfortunately lives down in Poinciana without a car, but will TRY to attend when possible
  • CrazyAmazing Lives in Sanford, very close to Orlando and loves the idea of Geohashing!
  • Wil lives in Portland, OR, but will be visiting Lake Wales on June 28 and may come to the Orlando meetup that day.
  • DMFlash lives over one graticule to the east, but doesn't mind the travel if others will be there.
  • madetoheal & roommate live in Orlando (east side!) and will try to make it on those rare weekends when they aren't working.
  • atheeren Student at UCF without car :'(
  • Jolly Llama is at UCF with a car and can give rides to those nearby.
  • Rusty is a student at UCF
  • BAAAH is from just south of Kissimmee, but doesn't have a handheld GPS receiver. Anybody got an old one they feel like getting rid of?
  • theAravis lives at the edge of Orlando near Winter Park and will try to make it on free weekends.
  • GradiusCat lives more or less on the east side of Orlando near UCF, has a car, and has snacks
  • Kaywinnet lives in Winter Park and would love to meet some geohashers in the area =]
  • Kwixks is a student at Oviedo and will get a car shortly. (Hopefully)
  • Kinam lives out in Mascotte, west of Clermont & Orlando. Currently no car, or GPS (as BAAAH asked, if any spare GPS's laying around would be nice ^^)
  • LostBurner moved to Orlando in Jan 2009 and will be making geohash attempts as time permits
  • Silver11016 gets around Orlando by bicycle and will be trying to hit hash points as distance allows.
  • Asurroca lives in Longwood and uses an app for geohashing on his Android phone. Also, driving.
  • Aberro appears to be the only one really active in his graticule. Hoping this will change soon enough?
  • User:SamECircle has a somewhat un-GeoHashing-enthusiastic family, but would really like to try it some time!
  • Pat is hunkered down in Celebration, awaiting the zombie apocalypse, and plans to Geohash, eventually.
  • The Hat Guy lives in Sanford. Looking for Saturday meetups.
  • Frutke now calls Lake Hart "home".