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All locations: .5354031, .1080671
Globalhash: 6.3725658071148, -141.09585321621 (GeoNames)

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Expeditions and Plans

Frederick, Maryland allison, OfficeLinebacker In a field near New Windsor, Maryland
State College, Pennsylvania namAehT This hash landed west of Millersburg near some HV power lines in farming co...
McMinnville, Oregon Jim A backyard in Forest Grove near Hwy 47 About 100 feet from this very recent hashpoint (Mar 27!)...
Stuttgart, Germany nick mz, ekorren Outside Tübingen-Lustnau, next to the weir of some kind of hydroelectric in...
London West, United Kingdom Cyazlars, jaz Courtyard of residential block on Batchelor St.
Enschede, Netherlands Eupeodes In a park in Zwolle
Manchester, United Kingdom also, two friends who happened to be, Longhairedred In the northwest corner of Alexandra Park, Oldham.
Hamburg (East), Germany Bierhefe On the river Bille (a tributary of the Elbe) near Billstedt.
Nilsiä, Finland the wife, Pastori In Rautavaara. The hashpoint lies in a forested ridge between the lakes Har...
Nurmes, Finland the wife, Pastori In Sakasti, Nurmes. The hashpoint lies in a field, behind a forest and some...

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