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Sun 7 Apr 2013 in 63,28:
63.5354031, 28.1080671

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In Rautavaara. The hashpoint lies in a forested ridge between the lakes Harjuntakanen and Valkea-Karsikko.



Because of the failure on today's hash in the Nurmes graticule, Pastori and Wife decided to try to reach the hashpoint in the Nilsiä graticule. After all, they were going to Nilsiä anyway, so this was only a 50-60 km detour (which in these sparsely populated realms of Northern Karelia is not much).


Somewhere in the back forests of Rautavaara.

The trip went quick. The last 7 kilometers the road was very narrow between the steep embankments of snow. Fortunately they were early birds and nobody was going the other way, because there would not have been enough room for two cars to pass each other. Another reason to be early was the fact that the surface of the road was quite soft, and would not likely support a car in the afternoon when temperature would be well above zero.

A good pose with snow shoes, but this didn't get him any closer to hashpoint.
Then, quite suddenly, the ploughed road ended. There would still have been 2,5 km to the hash, which Pastori was not ready to attempt to traverse with snow shoes in his semi-formal attire. So they took some pictures and left. Pastori is now seriously considering getting a four-wheel-drive car and a trailer to bring along a snowmobile or a quad bike to not be thwarted by these kind of mundane obstacles.. Well, this was only the their second day geohashing, so Pastori and the Wife did not become demoralised from their newly-found intriguing hobby.

Additional photos[edit]