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Sun 7 Apr 2013 in 63,29:
63.5354031, 29.1080671

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In Sakasti, Nurmes. The hashpoint lies in a field, behind a forest and some houses.



Pastori had been observing the hashpoints in this graticule since the start of his geohashing career, since he visits Nurmes, the biggest settlement in the area, regularly for various errands. Finally the hashpoint landed right there, only 3 km from the center of Nurmes.


Pastori with snow shoes.

Having been retired 3 months and 7 days Pastori woke up enthusiastically, because today he would have a chance to go to sacristy again. (The name of the place, where the hashpoint lay, was "Sakasti", which means "sacristy"). It was a Sunday morning and the night before had seen the thermometer dropping to almost -20°C. After the normal morning routines he hooked up the electric pre-heater of the car and gathered the equipment. It was the day of second geohashing trip. Equipped with snow shoes, poles, long-shafted boots and the wife with a camera, Pastori drove out with eagerness at the exactly same time as he did when working, 9:00.

The hashpoint lies there - somewhere..
The expedition party quickly reached the nearest point they could get with a car, which was about 200 meters from hashpoint. But then a problem emerged: too many houses with a lot of dogs. Only few things frighten Pastori, but dogs are one of them, possibly because of a childhood trauma. Thus he had to abort the approach to hashpoint and record this as a failure.

But Pastori was still not quite ready to retire for the day... (pun intended)

Additional photos[edit]