2013-03-27 45 -123

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Wed 27 Mar 2013 in 45,-123:
45.5357028, -123.1074312

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In an open field near Banks off Hwy 47




Go by on my way to the "Burning of the Boögg"


30 March 2013[edit]

We had an alignment of about 5 hashpoints in the last week, all close together, and close to my home. I didn't get to any of them during the week, so I figured I'd stop by on this weekend.

I was headed up towards North Plains to the "Burning of the Boögg" festival sponsored by the local Swiss club, and figured I'd try to pick off a couple of the hashpoints on my way up and then head to the sourthern ones. This one was one of the northern ones, and I was expecting it to not be accessible, but it turned out to be in a wide open field with only grass (and blackberry, which makes me think it wasn't in production) in it.

I found a place to park on the side of the road and walked in, doing the GPS dance, and taking some photos.

From here I headed up to 2013-03-28_45_-123, and then to the festival.

I also got to revisit this hashpoint a few days later, when it came within a couple hundred yards of this one!



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