2013-04-07 53 10

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Sun 7 Apr 2013 in 53,10:
53.5354031, 10.1080671

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On the river Bille (a tributary of the Elbe) near Billstedt.


Bierhefe (talk) and wife will try to get as close as possible to the actual hash point


If the weather is still as nice as it was today, we will cycle here. Since the hash point seems to be on the water, we will most likely not reach the hash point. But we will try to get as close as possible.


Coordinates could not be reached, but it was a nice expedition anyway.

We set out around noon, but the wife had to turn back pretty soon. She had a cold during the week and the cycling was just too much for her lungs. So I went on alone. After a very uneventful journey I came close to the hash point, but couldn't reach it. As I thought, the hash point was on the water, and I forgot to bring my yacht along... silly me! But since the weather was nice, it was still a very nice journey.




Bierhefe earned the My kingdom for a boat consolation prize
by being prevented from reaching the (53, 10) geohash on 2013-04-07 by an impassable and unforeseen body of water.