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All locations: .3299215, .8193385
Globalhash: -30.614121178511, 114.96187463776 (GeoNames)

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Expeditions and Plans

East Memphis, Tennessee Mayor of Box Town From google maps, the hash looked to be within a short walking distance of ...
Lafayette, Indiana David, josh, paul, michael Plot of farmland just outside of North Crane, Indiana.
Boston, Massachusetts phyzome, Evn Just off a driveway in Worcester, MA.
Livorno, Italy user:Malteo Somwhere
Portland, Oregon Jim In a field near Sherwood, Oregon
St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador delana, kristina, Thomas Bay Bulls Area
Kempten, Germany Danatar near the village Nassereith, not far from the "Fernpassstraße" (Fernpass ro...
Whistler, British Columbia jocelyn, Rhonda, Wijnland Pemberton, BC
Frankfurt am Main, Germany Ekorren A field far outside of Friedberg (Hessen)
Uppsala, Sweden Carl-Johan 2 km west of the Swedish Stazi in a clear cut part of the woods.

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