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West of -30°: .5640004, .9787590
East of -30°: .9864140, .0036081
Globalhash: 87.554515731062, -178.70108763831 (GeoNames)

Photo Gallery

Expeditions and Plans

Dallas, Texas David The site appeared to be in a public park, so I was off for my first geohash...
Baltimore, Maryland alexander help i'm trapped in a username database Inside the U.S. Army recruiter armory yard, behind barbed wire fence, and r...
Landshut, Germany dawidi Next to a road in the Laber valley, a few kilometers west of Regensburg.
Erfurt, Germany Rincewind, Yakamoz I know he went and got there easily, the rest remains to be told. - Mampfred...
Radom, Poland User:Jpp, his beautiful wife In beautiful village of Piskórka - [1] south of Warsaw, Poland. Located 20m e...
Utö, Sweden Carl-Johan, TheNuclearScientist On the ice 50m from a tiny island, 530 m from the nearest island reachable ...

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