2012-03-03 50 8

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Sat 3 Mar 2012 in 50,8:
50.3299215, 8.8193385

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A field far outside of Friedberg (Hessen)


  • Ekorren was at a meeting at Frankfurt in the morning and took a detour to the hash afterwards.


After the meeting was over, I found that there would probably still be enough time to visit the hash in 50,8 - but not enough time to visit the probably much more interesting hash in 50,7. However, I went. Took a train to Assenheim which seemed to be a reasonably close station to the hash and went out by bike from there.

Reached the hash a few minutes past 4 pm, but I'll still count it for the Centurion - I had a good view on the point before 4, so I'm sure that if someone else had gone there, I would have seen them.