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Lol-asg.png 22 / m / 40,-86
Lol-asg.png 22 / m / 42,-87

I attend Purdue, majoring in CIT. Born and raised in the north suburbs of Chicago, I live in Northbrook when class isn't in session.

I probably won't be going to a lot of hashes since I don't have a reliable method of transportation, but I'll try to go whenever I can.

[edit] Coordinates Reached/Planned

2012-03-03 40 -86: Farmland outside of Lafayette, IN

[edit] Achievements Earned

David earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (40, -86) geohash on 2012-03-03.
David earned the A Tale of Two Hashes achievement
by having their challenge met by SwensonJ in Lafayette on 2012-03-03.
David earned the Ambassador achievement
by obtaining permission to access the (40, -86) geohash on 2012-03-03.
David earned the Drag-along achievement
by dragging Paul, Josh, and Michael to the (40, -86) geohash on 2012-03-03.