2012-03-03 35 -89

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Sat 3 Mar 2012 in 35,-89:
35.3299215, -89.8193385

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From google maps, the hash looked to be within a short walking distance of a dirt road out in rural Millington...


Mayor of Box Town and Amanda drove until they couldn't anymore.


We checked out Saturday's hash on Friday and saw that it was a fairly reasonable attempt. It looked to be just on the edge of some crops on somebody's farmland. If we could get there without passing through private property or any No Trespassing signs, it wouldn't be too difficult. A little dirt road looked like it would take us practically there. Mayor checked out the google street view as far as it would go and it seemed ok. Everything looked great for a first-time expedition. We was gonna get us some 'cheebments. Saturday rolled around and we ate breakfast, packed up some snacks and water, got our walking shoes (not hiking boots) on and hit the road.

Then we got some coffee.

THEN we hit the road towards Millington...


Everything went fine until we started on that dirt road. "NO TRESPASSING" sign right there. It wasn't a dirt road, it was a really long driveway! I should have known, since the google street view just suddenly stopped for no reason. That was a sign all its own... So I took a picture* of as far as we got (about 3000 ft. from the hash point) and we turned around.

On the way, we passed over a bridge over a creek. Looking at the map, this creek led relatively close to the hash point. So we thought we'd stop the car and hoof it. Since Amanda had to get back for work later, we decided that if we weren't there in an hour, we'd call it quits and turn around.

The creek turned out to be really steep and not suitable for walking in sneakers, so we tried the trees that lined either side and lay sandwiched between the farmland and the creek. That terrain turned out to be a wrinkled mess of little ravines and mini-creeks and was awful to traverse. So we trudged to the edge of the farmland. The farm itself was right there, and if anyone saw us traipsing about, we weren't going to have a good excuse. We hadn't seen any signs, but we were obviously on this person's (private) property. The Frisbee plan couldn't possibly be applicable here, and, honestly, the truth would have sounded pretty strange. We walked a little farther just to see what we could see. Then we noticed we'd traveled a tenth of the way to the hash point in half an hour. We weren't going to make it even if we tried. So we turned back. Mission failed, colon open-parenthesis.


Mayor lost his phone the very next day... No pictures for this excursion.


MayorOfBoxTown earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost reaching the (35, -89) geohash on 2012-03-03.