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Meetup template[edit]

Because I haven't memorized it and can never find it when I want it.

{{subst:Expedition |lat = latitude of graticule |lon = longitude of graticule |date = date of expedition, in YYYY-MM-DD format }}


Hi Robyn, CJ and I were wondering, when you come to Australia (Whoo Hoo!), Could you please bring your airplane with you? Thanks, -- Kate 13:23, 9 March 2009 (UTC)

I'd need to a) convince my boss he didn't need it that week and b) fill all the baggage holds with fuel to get it that far. How about I bring my licence and hire one there? -Robyn 17:26, 9 March 2009 (UTC)

Yay! We'll planepool (as in carpool?) and go on an Airtrip (as in roadtrip?) ! -- Kate 21:34, 9 March 2009 (UTC)

Yeah! Drop by your local flying school and find out what the rules are for a rental by someone who holds a Transport Canada and FAA licence. -Robyn 21:36, 9 March 2009 (UTC)

Hi Robyn, guess what? While at a dance performance I was chatting to another performer, who is the secretary for an organisation that rents planes in Canberra (yeah, I know, yay for random coincidences)! So... what kind of license do you have again? Her preliminary advice was you can probably get a temporary flying permit thing. --joannac 04:14, 6 April 2009 (UTC)

I have a Transport Canada Airline Transport Licence, and an FAA Private licence. The trick seems to be that you have to do a flying checkout with a school (no problem) but then Australia takes weeks to process the temp permit. -Robyn 04:58, 6 April 2009 (UTC)


It's fantastic that you're coming to Europe! I'll be around 39,2, 40,14, 41,2, 43,5 and 39,-0 from May 16 to 23, so I we'll probably not meet each other. I would have loved to (if I could choose to meet any hasher, it would be you). Good luck and lots of fun and hashpoints to visit. Oh, and thanks for your card! --ilpadre 17:58, 30 April 2009 (UTC)

Aw rats, you're right: that's way far south. I hope I can meet some people, anyway. -Robyn 18:20, 30 April 2009 (UTC)

Speaking of meeting up, do you have any firm plans as to where you'll be? It wouldn't be out of the question for me to make it to a pan-European meetup on Sunday 17th or on my weekday off work on either week (although I don't know which days those will be, yet), especially if you were still in Belgium, which is closer than Germany. That's if you were planning to go hashing while you're here, of course... (and also assuming you'd like to meet up, which isn't a given, I suppose -- perhaps I'm assuming too much!) -- Benjw 18:25, 30 April 2009 (UTC)

I don't have specific plans yet. I'm landing in Brussels. I thought my route would probably take me more east before going south, to avoid the most mountainous area in between, and I was going to let the location of accessible geohashes guide me. I might even go northeast into the Netherlands. I can always take trains if I get behind schedule. And of course I want to meet up. And apparently I can get by in any country in Europe by speaking lolcat: I CAN HAZ WIFI? -Robyn 18:31, 30 April 2009 (UTC)

I'm willing to go to any place reachable with a Baden-Württemberg-Ticket for a meetup. That is: All of 48,8, 48,9 and significant parts of all of the surrounding graticules. Longer trips might be considered if it's possible to share a group ticket. --Ekorren 18:35, 30 April 2009 (UTC)

FREAKING overpriced Dinosaur fees. So I let the airline know that I would be travelling with a bicycle and a dinosaur, and it turned out that while rubber dinosaurs travel free, the fee for the bike was going to be more than the whole fare. So I freaked out and called Aeroplan to find out what I could do about this, and they took pity on me, and refunded everything even though it was a non-refundable fare. So T-Rex and Уcпех and I are not going to Europe right now. Unless we rebook on Air Canada. -Robyn 21:37, 30 April 2009 (UTC)

Why don't you get another ICWB when you get there? --Kate 01:45, 1 May 2009 (UTC)
Because I want to ride a hundred kilometres a day and enjoy it, and it's tricky buying a reliable bicycle in another country in advance. -Robyn 01:50, 1 May 2009 (UTC)

Yay Computer![edit]

Welcome back to the land of the fully functional computer! --aperfectring 17:23, 2 July 2009 (UTC)

"Fully functional" would not be quite accurate. To begin with, the machine runs Vista. So far I can receive mail (but not send it), surf the web (but haven't remembered my geohashing wiki password, nor figured out how to import my very extensive bookmark hierarchy into the new install of Firefox. The Import function offers only to import from IE, and that's the new computer install of IE, consisting mainly of AOL and the hardware manufacturer's site. But at least I have a full-sized keyboard and screen, and I appreciate the welcome. - Robyn
will this help? -- Rhonda 18:37, 2 July 2009 (UTC)
I've found the automatic bookmark backups on the old hard drive, but I haven't figured out how to make the new installation look at them. I'll read your link more thoroughly to see if it mentions how to do that, somewhere. -Robyn.
Yay! Bookmarks! They're back! The information wasn't in that link, but I searched on keywords in that link and discovered a file called places.sqlite, which when copied across resulted in my having all my hierarchies, toolbar bookmarks, everything is back. If I'm really lucky maybe my passwords, too. -Robyn
Hurrah! Your passwords might be stored in a different file in your profile folder, if they're not in the places database. -- Rhonda 19:39, 2 July 2009 (UTC)

Transcluding example[edit]


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The reason given for deletion was: Not important enough for their own page. Use Category:Unimportant geohashers instead.

See the list of pages tagged for deletion.

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I just parsed Special:Shortpages to find an example that does not blow up your talk page upon transcluding and stumbled on this. ;) -- relet 20:32, 2 July 2009 (UTC)

More insane than normal[edit]

You walked to Langley?!?! Thepiguy 08:10, 8 July 2009 (UTC)

Sweet! --ilpadre 09:16, 8 July 2009 (UTC)
I was totally impressed by your 42km Walk Geohash even before I calculated what 42km was in those archaic units that we use here! Congratulations on your Walk Geohash ribbon, and the longest Walk Geohash so far. Sara 15:26, 8 July 2009 (UTC)
Yeah, I walked to Langley. It seemed like a good idea at the time. And by the time it started to hurt, I'd come too far to give up. Now for the real challenge: walking to the kitchen the next day. I remember the first time I rode my bike to Langley: I thought that was a long way. -Robyn 15:30, 8 July 2009 (UTC)
That should be our motto. "Geohashing: It seemed like a good idea at the time." I'll make sure to put that on a shirt. :D Thepiguy 09:37, 10 July 2009 (UTC)
Support :D --Meghan 14:44, 10 July 2009 (UTC)

42 kilometers is an important number to those of us who do marathons. You deserve a medal:

Robyn earned the Marathon Woman Achievement
by walking 42.195 kilometers to get to the (49, -122) geohash on 2009-07-07.
2009-07-07 49 -122 robynWalking.jpg
--starbird 17:53, 9 September 2009 (UTC)

More insane than[edit]

They stopped you?!? How could they do that! I'm guessing that they didn't really give you a choice in the matter, judging by how you wrote it up. But you were fine! There aren't any laws against that is there? Thepiguy 19:53, 13 July 2009 (UTC)

They were concerned that I was going to be in the way of the freighter. And they didn't understand the goal. And I didn't say Yarrrr! Prepare to be boarded! Maybe I should rewrite the expedition to say that I did, and then remember it that way. -Robyn 20:10, 13 July 2009 (UTC)

Recent expeditions help text[edit]

It is much simpler to have the bot just write the text as a whole to Template:Recent expeditions. I will add the text you added into the bot sometime tonight. If you want to add some helpful text to any page, and the bot is overwriting it, please let me know on the bot's talk page. --aperfectring 21:43, 15 July 2009 (UTC)

Thanks. I was thinking that Aperfectbot Help was not the best name for the section there, because someone who wants that information is looking more for "How to add your expedition."


It's only 4km out from wreck beach... :-) (Well, and it's due to be rainy. But...) -- Rhonda 02:02, 7 September 2009 (UTC)

OMG, I didn't see that. YES! I am up for a kayak geoflashing expedition in the rain. What time? Wade points out that Elbie already did a Wreck Beach geohash, but we can't let her hold that title alone. And thanks. -Robyn
Well the YVR TAF doesn't show a lot of wind expected tomorrow, so that'll help if it extends a few km out into the strait. Depending on how windy it is I may want to wear a windbreaker instead of going for geoflashing. (Although if I'm going to do that, wreck beach is the place to do it...)
Haven't thought of a time yet. Mid-morning to noonish start at a guess. It's not 9km each way, so we'll be back well before dark, right? :-) Also depends if xore wants to come; I have his new/replacement sevylor in my car still. (The only place in BC that sells them now is in Kamloops, and I happened to be going up there to visit my parents a week after he found this out...) -- Rhonda 03:02, 7 September 2009 (UTC)

PS: welcome back!


  • Time to achieve level 4 minesweeper for Vancouver: 324 Days.
  • Time to achieve level 4 minesweeper for Würzburg: 35 Days.
  • Time to achieve level 4 minesweeper for Berlin: 9 Days.

I love Vancouver (I really do!) but some places are just so much better sometimes! It's not fair! I vote we rename Cortes Island and Brandywine to their original names of Mountains and Bears.

I would support your proposal but then all BC graticules that didn't have a reasonably major city (and most of those that do) would also have to be renamed "Mountains" or "Bears". Or "Mountains and bears", or how about "Rocks and trees"...
Vancouver is graceful enough to give us breaks, days on which no one could be expected to geohash, in order that we rest up, wash our kayaks and prepare for the next day in which the point is possibly achievable. - Robyn.

Good to see you back. Last Friday I was looking at Vancouver's Saturday coordinates, and immediately thought of you! At a glance it looks like another impossible location, but I discovered it was an awesome opportunity. Being a Saturday, you'd have a day to plan or get a head start. Highway 101 to Earls Cove leaves you with 20km in Jervis Inlet to reach Vancouver Bay (I know nothing of ocean-going, so I'm unsure how difficult this part would be). There is a 7km road (yes, a road) that goes from the bay to the unnamed lake. No bushwhacking required! This leaves you with about 200m to Macgyver (or swim?) into the lake. Camping overnight would probably be a requirement. Maybe next time? Juventas 01:45, 10 September 2009 (UTC)

20 km of ocean kayaking is about six hours. Each way. -Robyn
Right. I've heard a few other Vancouver geohashers have sailboats or motorboats. Whether they'd be more suitable I don't know. I wasn't trying to belittle your graticule woes, just thought you'd find it interesting. Juventas 06:08, 10 September 2009 (UTC)

Happy Anniversary :D[edit]

It's exactly one year ago that we met in Surrey at midnight dressed as pirates! Thanks for all the great Geohashes! Can't wait to get back to Canada and start Geohashing with you again!

Hey Robyn![edit]

Just wanted to say that I hope you're alright and everything's going well with you! It's weird to not see you on the wiki for approaching a month and a half. I hope you're just busy with work and it's almost done or something like that! I look forward to reading about your future expeditions! -Srs0 17:43, 13 October 2009 (UTC)

Yes, I have some updates to post. I usually leave for work all day before the points come out, so fewer opportunities to geohash. - Robyn

To an outside observer, it would seem that she went to Philadelphia and was never heard from again :-) -- Jevanyn 19:41, 29 October 2009 (UTC)

Yeah, sorry. I've been in tiny communities with few roads, lots of wild animals, and only my feet for transportation. - Robyn.

You should call into flight control to get the coords! --aperfectring 16:41, 4 November 2009 (UTC)

Uh .. yeah ... great idea, Aperfectring. - Robyn.

Yay! She's back! --Zb 15:23, 1 January 2010 (UTC)

Since I have now finally replaced it, does this qualify as the underachieving cousin of ICWB? Also those of us in the IRC channel miss you, and hope you pay us a visit soon. Happy hashing (when you get the chance) --aperfectring 08:54, 20 February 2010 (UTC)

Hey Robyn!! i've just uploaded a report of a Geohash i did. Would you check it out and tell me if im missing something? Thank you so much =) BTW, i think i get the general idea of editing, however i might still need some help soon =S --Cid 06:20, 23 March 2010 (UTC)

Cool! The report looks great so far. I'm impressed. I'm afraid I don't know enough about the way Google Earth gets its altitudes to know which one should count. The unit you have used is unfamiliar to me metres something n m - is that an abbreviation in Spanish? -Robyn.
MSNM == metros sobre el nivel del mar (Spanish: meters above sea level) thanks to Google. Jiml 17:26, 23 March 2010 (UTC)

Gasp! You're alive! I hope you're well. I can't wait to read all the reports for the expeditions you took while in my neck of the woods. I finally grabbed a hash myself on the bike! --Meghan 17:37, 23 March 2010 (UTC)

Oh good! I was so silly for not having determined before the last day WHERE in "Edmonton" you lived. People always say "oh you'll never come to my town," but I go to the unlikeliest places. -Robyn 18:34, 23 March 2010 (UTC)

Just wanted to let you know my name is Brandon. The "B" letter would be filled in if we were to meet. If you're ever in Chicago! Typewriter

Heh, that might be cheating if your username begins with T. But I might cheat. It wouldn't be dcheating if you gave me permission, now, would it? -Robyn 23:41, 5 July 2010 (UTC)

2010-03-28 globalhash[edit]

The globalhash is in the Coeur d'Alene, Idaho graticule, only 800 km from Vancouver! There's even an airport in walking distance. Danatar 08:01, 27 March 2010 (UTC)

How do you know I'm not already on my way? -Robyn 18:42, 27 March 2010 (UTC)
Are you? -- Rhonda 18:50, 27 March 2010 (UTC)
Haven't left home. Yet. -Robyn 18:54, 27 March 2010 (UTC)
The phone number I have for you doesn't work anymore. I was going to call you... -- Rhonda 18:55, 27 March 2010 (UTC)
You must have my cell, which is in vacation mode. Look up my home number in the phone book. -Robyn 20:04, 27 March 2010 (UTC)
Phone book?! People still use those?? -- Rhonda 20:17, 27 March 2010 (UTC)
They have a multitude of uses. -Robyn 20:23, 27 March 2010 (UTC)


Looks like it's on the easier side of the fence this time. Juventas 05:11, 1 May 2010 (UTC)

Way ahead of you, dude. Guess who has a flight booked out of YEG tomorrow? -Robyn 05:22, 1 May 2010 (UTC)

Q & A section[edit]

Hi Robyn, could you please take a look at the contrail picture in this report? It would be great to know why someone would take a route that looks like a detour on a clear day. Something like a holding pattern at cruise altitude? Secret special military mission? Maybe a pilot geohasher knows the answer? --Zb 08:07, 16 May 2010 (UTC)

Water Geohash Equipment[edit]

Quick question: Do you still have your paddles from this water geohash? My equipment seems to have been moved around and I am currently paddleless. I think I know where they got moved to, but as a back up, are your available? I can pay you in Nibs! :D -- [[user:thepiguy]] 06:04, 20 May 2010 (UTC)

I have them, but I trust you recall that they weren't very good paddles, and couldn't be assembled into a single kayak paddle. -Robyn 16:23, 20 May 2010 (UTC)
For the latter there is duct tape.--relet 18:30, 20 May 2010 (UTC)

2009-06-21 54 -1[edit]

I know it was aaaages ago, but can you remember why you created this page? -- Benjw 17:03, 8 August 2010 (UTC)

There's no reason at all for me to have created that page. It doesn't even seem to be a reasonable typo for an expedition I did. I certainly have no use for it. -Robyn 23:55, 8 August 2010 (UTC)
Ok, ta muchly. It did seem a little odd! -- Benjw 05:21, 9 August 2010 (UTC)

Germany in October[edit]

I just read you'll be in Germany in October, even in my state. I hope we'll get a meetup done during that time - maybe that's even going to be this year's large german meetup? Otterstedt, Eibsee and Berlin are all more than a year ago already. How time flies! Walldorf has a train station named "Wiesloch-Walldorf" a little bit out of town, with good service into all directions. It's about 2 hours with a fast train from here, 2:43 with the cheaper local trains.

What to see: I think it's hard to make definite recommendations. What do you want to see? What's of most interest for you?

Give me a direction, or give me a hashpoint, and I might be able to recommend something to see along the way. Give me a date, and I'll find you a hashpoint well reachable with public transport for surprisingly low money. Virgin graticules are hard to find in Germany, though - if you plan to reach one of those, you'll have to cross the border and visit e.g. France or Austria ;)

--Ekorren 07:15, 26 September 2010 (UTC)

Hooray! I don't have to work during the time you are here, so there WILL be a meetup, even if I have to travel a bit. Depending on what your interests are, in the nearer surroundings you should probably visit Heidelberg and Karlsruhe. Also, Würzburg is very nice, of course ;-) I guess for you the "Auto & Technik Museums" in Sinsheim and Speyer with many many planes will be of special interest. But there is very much to see everywhere, depending on how far you want to go and on the general direction you will travel in the second week. Like ekorren said, tell us where you go and what you like and we can recommend something. I'm looking forward to meeting you! - Danatar 09:49, 26 September 2010 (UTC)

We're not hunting for virgin graticules--we can find lots of those in Canada--but we would like to make a step towards our globetrotter. The idea of recommending a hashpoint along the way is exactly what we were hoping for, plus of course the chance to meet some of you famous German geohashers. We like to look at castles and to walk through twisty streets in old towns that have been there since before our country was even discovered by Europeans. We like museums and tasty food and bicycling (but Wade says not uphill). I'm more interested in pre-unification history, the 18th and early 19th centuries or before.

What I know about Germany comes from three sources: history class: the unification of the German states in 1871, two wars of expansion, post WWII division into occupied zones; the news: reunification, difficulty integrating immigrants from elsewhere in the EU, a spelling reform; and cartoons: lederhosen, beer & tubas. I have never studied German, but I think I could pick a bit up pretty quickly, and I'm brave with respect to going places and doing things in a foreign country. -Robyn 16:30, 26 September 2010 (UTC)

"twisty streets in old towns" - I'm sure you'll like my home town Tübingen, so I'll call that an invitation. We have a well preserved old city centre from the late middle age, including a castle. Nearby are also several historic locations from roman times (including the largest roman toilet north of the Alps) and a good number of other castles and monasteries. However, there are so many places worth seeing that the problem won't be to find some, but to choose some. Of places rather close to Walldorf I would spontaneously recommend to visit world heritage site Maulbronn.
"lederhosen, beer & tubas" - Well, that might be bavarian Oktoberfest tradition but it's not really Germany. Many people claim that Bavaria isn't really a part of Germany anyway. Last time I remember having seen someone wearing Lederhosen outside of an Oktoberfest styled event was about ten years ago, a very old couple in a remote bavarian village. Of course beer is traditional everywhere in Germany.
Visiting another country isn't out of the way in any respect. From Walldorf a daytrip to France is easy and reasonable, e.g. to Wissembourg or Strasbourg. Depending on how far you are willing to go, and how much the ticket may cost, the corners of several other countries are reachable as well. This is central Europe. This is where people do international multihashes.
"I have never studied German" - Not much need to do anyway, since most germans learn English in school. The percentage of people with at least basic english knowledge is large enough to find someone to talk to virtually everywhere ;)
Just give us notice of your plans when they get a little more fixed, and don't hesitate to ask any question, no matter how dumb. I'll also send you my phone number by PM, just in case there's something that needs an immediate reply ;) --Ekorren 18:10, 26 September 2010 (UTC)

I hope you guys have a great time in Germany, by the way. When you announced you were going, I looked into making a trip out there -- the opportunity to meet lots of interesting Canadian and German geohashers all at the same time was ideal, and I've got time off work for exams at the moment, but no exams after Wednesday morning. Sadly (well, for me it is; maybe you are internally rejoicing) free time has a habit of filling itself up, and I have to be at home on Thursday and Saturday morning, which rather stuffs up any ideas of making European trips. I'll have to meet you all some other time. — Benjw  [talk] 21:35, 17 October 2010 (UTC)

2010-10-20 (Wednesday)[edit]

"Wednesday I will go to Heidelberg" - I'm looking forward to meeting you. If the hashpoint falls anywhere near Heidelberg, I'll try to go for it (especially since I'm going to buy a Semesterticket today which will allow me to roam freely in the whole VRN area for the next four months). If not, we could still meet in Heidelberg. --ilpadre 05:33, 19 October 2010 (UTC)

Yes! Definitely. Discussion on the hash page. -Robyn 21:22, 19 October 2010 (UTC)

2010-10-21 (thursday)[edit]

I'm just back from the dentist, and the aftermath may get ugly - or not. I don't know. So I'm not sure at the moment how I'll feel tomorrow. I haven't checked timetables yet, just guessing general accessibility. --Ekorren 15:41, 20 October 2010 (UTC)

49,7 - is located in the Pfälzer Wald forest, and looks both nice and reasonably reachable, either by bus or bike. For me that hash would also complete a minesweeper for 48,8 (I already have one for 48,9, though). The hash is not within of Baden-Württemberg, but that won't matter since there are other, even cheaper, options to get there. Touristy places worth seeing are in good supply around there, e.g. Bad Bergzabern and Wissembourg (the latter is in France). Biking starts at 15 km one way, and there are hills. There's a reasonable bus connection reaching the nearest village at 11:34. I assume that both possibilities take about the same time to get there and back, bus might be a bit faster. Both possibilities will take a good share of the day and require me to start early.

49,8 - is fast and easy - it has only one "error": The hash is located on a main road. Walking and biking on that road is most definitely banned and there will be strong and fast traffic. I'm not sure it's a good idea to try that. One could think about taking a taxi from the station through the hash (probably less than 10 EUR), but that would interfere with my goal to always avoid using cars to get to a hash. Also it's probably boring.

49,9 - is on a field, reasonably reachable from the station Eckartshausen-Ilshofen. Touristy places nearby include Schwäbisch Hall. Timetable check: 10:30 from Wiesloch-Walldorf would be the first connection with Baden-Württemberg-Ticket, arriving 13:11.

48,7 - is in a Black Forest valley. Probably nice landscape. Very sporadic bus connection (or hike or bike).

48,8 - is quite remote and a long trip for you. Bad bus connections, high in the hills (i.e. much uphill if biking). Not recommended.

48,9 - may be reasonably reachable by bike from the nearest station. I would prefer a nearer and probably more interesting one if I was you. For me - well, it doesn't make much of a difference.

Update 21:15: I would rather prefer to stay at home tomorrow and not get up early. However, how are your plans for the next days? Can I still count on meeting you at some hash, if it's not tomorrow? --Ekorren 19:19, 20 October 2010 (UTC)
I really appreciate you doing all that research for tomorrow's hash, but even without having had dental work, I don't think I will geohash tomorrow either. I think I will go to Speyer and look at the Luftmuseum, or go and find some castles. YES I/we will make an effort to meet you at another geohash. Perhaps Friday or Saturday will work better. -Robyn 20:34, 20 October 2010 (UTC)
Good. So I call that canceled (and hope both the current jaw pain and the swollen finger from an accident yesterday will go away tomorrow...)
My experience is that if you are willing to spend a Baden-Württemberg-Ticket and most of the day, there's always a hash you can reach. Even more on saturdays (the 9 am limitation doesn't apply on weekends) and if you have a bike available. I'll try to check in tomorrow for hash o'clock and file new suggestions. Maybe we'll even get a nice opportunity in a neighbouring country, to raise the number of countries hashed by one? --Ekorren 21:05, 20 October 2010 (UTC)
That would be cool. I have to return the bike in Walldorf by 6:30 pm on Friday, but I could probably extend it to Saturday for five euros. -Robyn 21:39, 20 October 2010 (UTC)

2010-10-22 (friday)[edit]

48,7 - is somewhere in France. Doesn't look reasonably reachable to me.

48,8 - is on a remote place in the Black Forest at about 700 m above sea level. There's no such thing as flat terrain there.

  • By bike you probably need to cover at least about 400 elevation metres. Might be a better idea to take a bus and walk, then.
  • Haven't researched bus connections yet.
  • Touristy places: Dunno. The touristy part of the Black Forest, what Americans usually have heard and seen pictures of, is in the southern half. This is the northern part which is quite different.

48,9 - is in a village named Rattenharz (= rat resin), about 3.5 km from the station of Waldhausen bei Schorndorf, but 200m higher than that.

  • By train & bike: Leaving Wiesloch-Walldorf at 9:28 (or 8:58 if you want to lower error risk significantly) takes you to Waldhausen by 11:55. From there: Well, uphill...
  • By train & walking: same as above. Probably not slower on the way out. Well, uphill... ;)
  • By bus: There are buses to the hash, but only a few ones, and they go from Göppingen. Which is a detour and means that the Baden-Württemberg-Ticket might not be accepted on the bus, since the district of Göppingen is the only significant exception. However, most bus drivers don't know that it's not valid there.
  • Touristy places: No #1 destinations.

The 49,x locations are out of reach for me, and the 47,x locations are out of reach for you. I assume that you want to be back at Walldorf earlier than "late evening", if doing a larger trip on saturday is still the plan. --Ekorren 14:22, 21 October 2010 (UTC)

It looks like if I geohash tomorrow, it will be in 49,7. It's not too far, in Bad Sobernheim, close enough to the train that I could walk. So lets make Saturday easy:

About Bad Sobernheim: This is not Baden-Württemberg. You need other and more expensive tickets for this. I'll check it out and give instructions if needed. Also the main line between Mannheim and Mainz is currently partly closed after a severe accident in a garbage burning facility at Ludwigshafen. Trains are either rerouted or replaced by buses for a part of the trip. Both means to arrive late and possibly to miss the connecting train. The timetable information system does not know that and shows trains with their regular schedules. Expect chaos. --Ekorren 15:31, 21 October 2010 (UTC)
Hmm, thanks for the heads up. Maybe I'll go to Maulbronn for reals. Does anyone have any other suggestion for a good day trip for me tomorrow, by bike and/or train, starting here? -Robyn 16:03, 21 October 2010 (UTC)

2010-10-23 (Saturday)[edit]

Wade and I will plan to spend Saturday night in Tübingen. We know from you that it is a beautiful historic town. You can suggest a non rip-off, non-horrible place to stay and eat, we can see the historic buildings and museums and all the glorious things around there, and if hash o' clock Friday reveals a great Saturday or Sunday hash that we can do en route one way or the other we'll do it, else we will declare an alternate and just have fun. That way I'm guaranteed to meet you, guaranteed to see something worth seeing, and we reduce everyone's stress. -Robyn 15:03, 21 October 2010 (UTC)

About Tübingen. You're of course welcome. I'll find you a tour that's definitely worth the time. About accommodation: I probably can make it possible that you can stay in our house (15 minutes walk from the city centre, 10 minutes from the central station). Hotels in Tübingen are known to be rather expensive, and I don't know much about their quality so it will be difficult to recommend something. --Ekorren 15:31, 21 October 2010 (UTC)
Sounds fabulous. Also we don't mind for one night staying somewhere "interesting," like a strange old guesthouse. I know a lot of cities still have those and they're cheaper than proper hotels. Wade and I have discovered that both our e-mail accounts are broken, so the wiki page is the place to communicate with us. -Robyn 15:46, 21 October 2010 (UTC)
I just flipped through the paper list the tourist information office hands out. Hotels in the city seem to charge at least ~90€ for a double room. Some cheaper ones (from ~65) are reachable in a few minutes by bus or train (going once per hour at the relevant times). I don't think there are any "strange old guesthouses" here in town, however, there are a number of private houses with guestrooms (typically about 40-50 € for two, excluding breakfast). Anyway - our house is located more central than most options available for money - and it will most certainly be possible to clear a room for two. --Ekorren 16:17, 21 October 2010 (UTC)
Around which time do you plan to leave Walldorf on saturday?
We'd be happy to stay at your place. (Re-reading I realize I might have made it sound as if I was rejecting your offer: I just mentioned other accommodation options because I didn't want to stress you if the "probably can make it possible" didn't work out). Thank you. Hey, can we make it count as an abduction geohash for you? I expect we'll leave Walldorf around 9:30, giving time for breakfast and checkout. Is there any time that would be better or worse for us to arrive? -Robyn 16:58, 21 October 2010 (UTC)
Meanwhile, I made sure it will be possible to stay at my place. About the time - any time is right. It's more a matter of your train connections. Best value for your money give the connections at 8:17 from Wiesloch-Walldorf (one change with plenty of time, arriving 11:01 at Tübingen) or 10:17 (arriving 13:01). This leaves the afternoon free for sightseeing. Another connection with local trains is at 9:28, arriving 12:23). Using "fast" trains doesn't actually make it faster, but raises the price from 28 EUR for a Baden-Württemberg-Ticket to 64€ or more for a single ticket for two people. However, I wouldn't make fixed plans before hash o'clock, and might even consider to meet you at Walldorf or nearby, using the same Baden-Württemberg-Ticket to get there. --Ekorren 17:36, 21 October 2010 (UTC)

Saturday's Mannheim (49,8) hash just looks like a perfect opportunity to visit along the way - until you look at the aerial picture and find it's about 10-15 m into a lake. I'm not going for a swim at near freezing temperature. However, I might like the idea to try a proxy geohash with some improvised miniature boat on a string. If you are interested in trying this hash (or even just looking longingly at the location), I would probably join you. (If possible by any means I would like to try some hash together, so we can add that line to the meetup graph ;) ) --Ekorren 13:48, 22 October 2010 (UTC)

(german) info on the lake. According to this map, the hash being on the north-western end, it lies inside a protected area, both the water and the nearby coast. Koepfel talk 13:56, 22 October 2010 (UTC)
I see. According to that text, it's forbidden to leave the way at that point. That excludes the proxy option. A stopover for a coastal meetup would still be possible, of course. --Ekorren 14:11, 22 October 2010 (UTC)
By the way, it's shore. For some reason coast refers only to the land at the edge of the sea, and bank at the edge of a river, while shore can be at the edge of any body of water. -Robyn 16:48, 22 October 2010 (UTC)
We will be travelling with too much baggage to haul to the geohash, but we can leave that in luggage lockers at the railway station, right? It looks as though the town Untergrombach is worth looking at, and it's right on the way, right? Could you give us ticket instructions?
Untergrombach is just a very small stop, I doubt there are lockers, but I'm not sure. Bruchsal station probably has. As for tickets, if Ekorren would come along, he would probably buy a BaWü-ticket for 5 people, pick you up in Wiesloch, visit hash, take you to Tübingen. Koepfel talk 15:40, 22 October 2010 (UTC)
Cool. Your train tickets work in interesting ways. I think I will sit back and let the local experts figure this out. We can be at the W-W train station shortly after 9 am, maybe earlier if you persuaded us it would make the trip work better. We will have bags -- all together two medium suitcases and three carry-on type items -- and good walking shoes. We hope the weather is better than at the last geohash. -Robyn 15:51, 22 October 2010 (UTC)
I still have to work that out. A first timetable check wasn't very convincing, maybe I'll throw in an extra 10 EUR or so to make it better. Stay tuned. --Ekorren 16:02, 22 October 2010 (UTC)

Trains from Wiesloch-Walldorf to Bruchsal on saturday morning include:

8:58 -> 9:14 
9:28 -> 9:44
9:58 -> 10:14
10:17 -> 10:29

I could arrive at Wiesloch-Walldorf at 9:28 (with just the train which continues to Bruchsal at the same time) by starting very early, and 9:40 by starting just rather early (the difference actually is 1:20, because the second connection is much faster). That would reach the 9:58. There's a connecting bus from the Walldorf town centre to that train (line 706) (I'm not sure whether the link works).

So I'm trying to squeeze that into a somehow reasonable schedule now:

6:57 from Tübingen
9:40 arr. Wiesloch-Walldorf
9:58 from Wiesloch-Walldorf
10:14 arr. Bruchsal, storing luggage
10:26 from Bruchsal to Untergrombach
10:31 at Untergrombach

If we would try to get to Tübingen as fast as possible after that, we would need to reach the train 12:33 at Bruchsal and arrive at Tübingen at 15:01. This sounds hardly possible to me (would mean to walk very fast, never miss a turn, and hardly stop near the hash). So we probably won't be at Tübingen before 17. Maybe it would be a better idea to spend some time along the way while there's still light. --Ekorren 17:34, 22 October 2010 (UTC)

Suggestions for further sightseeing In case you read that in the morning and still have some time left for a bit of research, I tried to gather a few ideas... may be extended by other people ;)

  • Some people say Bruchsal itself would have some places worth seeing. I don't know anything about it.
  • Have you been to Maulbronn? We could catch a bus there. I don't expect problems with the luggage, we can probably leave it at the ticket office.
  • What's "old" of Karlsruhe is from the 18th century. This is what was built if kings of that time thought money was of no concern. I don't think that's what you would most like to see.
  • One reasonable route is via Calw, with old Hirsau Abbey ruins and Horb along the way. Lockers are available at Calw station.
  • Rottenburg am Neckar has both a well preserved twisty town centre and some excavations from roman times (~3rd century). 10 minutes by train from Tübingen.
  • Bebenhausen is a well preserved old monastery outside of Tübingen, 10 minutes by bus from the centre.

The latter two can well be visited on sunday.

Robyn E-mail Problems[edit]

My e-mail is inexplicably broken right now, something about a certificate, so anyone who has a message for me should leave it here. -Robyn 15:19, 21 October 2010 (UTC)

Hi Robyn. I'm done for the day, and I'm in the lounge area of the hotel reading a book. ---Wade 12:25, 22 October 2010 (UTC)
BTW, is your e-mail access still FUBAR? Do you have e-mails prior to the meltdown on your notebook, or is everything inaccessible for you at the moment? Just asking because, without all this, you would already have my contact information, and now I'm not sure. --Zb 15:52, 24 October 2010 (UTC)
zb, I have your contact information on my iPod. The e-mail problem is due to our ISP not playing well with our domain name host, and we can't fix the problem until we get home. You could e-mail Ekorren if you need to send something you don't want on the wiki. - Robyn
And yes, my e-mail is fixed now, but may break again if I leave the country. -Robyn 02:30, 12 November 2010 (UTC)

2010-10-24 (Sunday)[edit]

Going to München, possibly geohashing on the way. --Robyn

I see several possibilities for geohashing along the way to München, if some detours are acceptable. If you use a Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket for the trip to München (it's about an hour slower but 60 EUR cheaper for two), this would allow me to join you for the whole day for no extra cost. --Ekorren 14:04, 22 October 2010 (UTC)

That sounds good. We can discuss these in person. Maybe zb will be able to join us.
I would have to leave München by 20:34 to use the same ticket for the way back (it's a daypass similar to the Baden-Württemberg-Ticket you know already, but only on weekends and for all of the country). --Ekorren 16:06, 22 October 2010 (UTC)
We need to schedule time to sightsee in Tübingen, too. Maybe we need another day there. -Robyn 16:11, 22 October 2010 (UTC)
If you schedule to stay at Tübingen for two nights, so we have all of sunday for sightseeing here, we could make a better plan for saturday - since then there is no need to get here early-ish. I would much appreciate that, the timeline is getting difficult anyway. Can't see any other hash that's reasonably reachable on saturday, though. --Ekorren 16:28, 22 October 2010 (UTC)
Monday's "along the way" hashing options seem to be Freiberg in 48,9 (<2 km from station) and Memmingen (6 km from station). Haven't checked bus connections to get closer, but I assume there are such. It's a weekday, after all. --Ekorren 16:42, 22 October 2010 (UTC)
Sounds like that might be the way to go. We're going to go for dinner and hope zb replies. -Robyn 16:50, 22 October 2010 (UTC)
Just starting to read through everything here and check the locations in different graticules. I might join you somewhere along the way... I'll write more soon. --Zb 17:17, 22 October 2010 (UTC)

Options include:

48,9: A field near Höfingen/Leonberg. Estimated walking distance from railway station: 1 km. Two trains per hour. Probably the easiest/fastest option.

48,10: A field at Essingen near Aalen. Sadly Essingen lost its railway station long ago, but bus connections are available even on sundays every one or two hours. Estimated walking distance from the bus stop: Less than 1 km.

47,10: In the middle of the small Allgäu town of Leutkirch. Might be in a private frontyard - the aerial pictures don't exactly match with the map. Distance to railway station about 500m.

48 10 near Peißenberg is not too far from train stations, either. It might take too long considering all the other plans for the day, but putting the Außerfernbahn into the route from 47 10 to 48 10 could make this kind of special.

2010-10-25 (Monday)[edit]

München area

The coords are all awesome this weekend. This might actually turn into a fairly tight schedule and extend to after sunset.

  • 48 11 is in the Altmühltal, near Eichstätt. It's possible to go to Eichstätt by train, and then walk. Lots of historical architecture in Eichstätt, and the railway line through the Altmühl valley is just beautiful.
  • The spot in 47 11 near Andechs and Ammersee might actually be very nice. Maybe S-Bahn to Herrsching, then walk. Back either via Herrsching or even over to Feldafing at Starnberger See. Andechs is a very famous monastery/brewery.
  • 47 12 might also be nice, there's a chance to combine finding the coords with a nice walk along the river Inn or one of the nearby lakes.

--Zb 17:41, 22 October 2010 (UTC)

If you prefer to arrive in München on Monday, and want to combine this with lots of geohashing, one option might be to check out the spot in Memmingen, continue on to Kempten, take the most beautiful Außerfernbahn to Garmisch, head on to Feldafing via Tutzing, check out the coords in 47 11 and travel on to München on the S-Bahn from Herrsching.

Another route would be via Treuchtlingen or Ingolstadt to Eichstätt, check out Eichstätt and the coords N of there, and head on into München from there. Might be the better option considering you are dragging some bags along.

I would try to meet you either in Eichstätt or in Memmingen, if you want to combine coming to München with finding some coords. We might even challenge us to meet at some coords, but it's kind of risky because I rely on maps. I would have to see if there are really (!) good landmarks. You could also come to München first, leave your luggage at my place and we could see what we do with the day from there on. Be assured that I'm happy to adjust to your plans. --Zb 18:12, 22 October 2010 (UTC)

If Robyn&Wade will stay at Tübingen until monday, sensible schedules would start with:

13:22 arriving at München with no detours or stopovers
17:07 at München with a stopover for the Memmingen hash
16:22 at München with a stopover for the Freiberg hash
18:17 at München with a stopover for the Köfering hash (near Regensburg - meet dawidi?!)

Memmingen is worth the extra time much more than Freiberg, touristically. As far as I understand them, Robyn&Wade would much prefer a combination of sightseeing (preferably medieval architecture) and some hashing to excessive hashing. I wouldn't go to lengths to squeeze multihashes into the schedule. Ausserfernbahn is great but takes a lot of time, especially since there's a line closure once again.

I've tried to see if it would be possible to include Eichstätt into the route to Regensburg, but it would take way too long. Even if we planned everything very tight, we would probably not be in München before midnight if we wanted to go to Eichstätt and Köfering. --Zb 09:34, 23 October 2010 (UTC)

If I come along on monday (what I would like to do), I would have to leave München at 19:51 (22:02 if I throw in another 13 EUR). These schedules are based on using a Baden-Württemberg-Ticket and a Bayern-Ticket (sums up to 56 EUR for all of us, instead of ~100 EUR for single tickets only for Robyn&Wade on fast trains with no detours and stopovers). --Ekorren 18:17, 22 October 2010 (UTC)

Thanks for starting to look up details on train connections. Meeting you in München at 13:22 would allow us to lock the bags there, and still head out to Andechs, which would include somewhat lengthy walks in that area. Going there and being back in München at 19:51 might put us in a rush, however. I think meeting in Memmingen might be the best option, but maybe we just wait for the Canadians to come back from dinner. --Zb 18:56, 22 October 2010 (UTC)

I just found it would be well possible to go to the Köfering hash - which would probably make it possible to meet dawidi! Just asked him in IRC. --Ekorren 19:02, 22 October 2010 (UTC)

Sounds good, too. It may also be an option that I bring along another Bayern-Ticket, so you (Ekorren) don't have to travel home via München, if this is of any help. --Zb 19:25, 22 October 2010 (UTC)

Theoretically it would, but for less money I can take the IC from Ulm to Plochingen and move departure from München to as late as 22:02. I could also get a discount ticket for the 22:42 train for 14.25 from München to Plochingen - but that must be booked before midnight today and is non-refundable, which really doesn't go well with the fact that we all tend to change our plans more often than keep them ;) --Ekorren 20:15, 22 October 2010 (UTC)
I'm just starting to read all this, and connecting to IRC. -Robyn 19:26, 22 October 2010 (UTC)

BTW: Strikes are announced for local trains of DB and other companies, starting Monday. This may become quite interesting... I just remember that this was the reason why I re-arranged this day off a while a ago, so I wouldn't have to commute to work on Monday... --Zb 19:49, 22 October 2010 (UTC)

I have created a page with plans for the geohash in Köfering: 2010-10-25 48 12. Not so much because I want to vote any of the options up or down, but because it offers the chance to meet dawidi and because filling this talk page with even more details might make it way to big, eventually. If anyone would like to look more closely into any of the other options, please do so! For example, Memmingen still sounds quite good as well. --Zb 09:00, 23 October 2010 (UTC)

2010-10-26 (Tuesday)[edit]

Let's wait for the coords. I will have to work Tue-Fri, but you can go explore the area on your own and have Schnitzel for dinner, like we have already e-mailed about... I can provide you with maps for hiking in the mountains S of München. --Zb 09:40, 23 October 2010 (UTC)

No Berlin this week[edit]

Hi Robyn, I hear that you and Wade won't come to Berlin after all. This morning I talked to my flatmate and she recommended three (!) exhibitions about the old Berlin to us. :] So it's a pity you'll miss them, but I can well understand that you don't want to spend more days on trains. Well, all this means that I'll have to intensify my plans on visiting the Epic Graticule. :) Keep enjoying your stay in the south! -- unlogged lyx

Yes, I'm afraid that's true. You guys totally persuaded us to go to Berlin, but then we started to try to fit it into our plans. It was with reluctance that we concluded that with the short amount of time we have, a full day on the train to Berlin was a poor use of time and euros. I want to meet you too, so if you get to Vancouver you know there's a bed here for you. Wade's company might send him back to Germany another time, and perhaps them we will come to the north to see Berlin and perhaps Warsaw. -Robyn 20:53, 25 October 2010 (UTC)


Robyn, hello from München! Have you gone Ninja on us? I did that for a while, but kept on geohashing of course. Congrats on your European geohashes; we've just completed our second Germany geohash. Thought I should let you know I will be in Vancouver in early June for a conference, and I plan to geohash while there. See you then! --Thomcat 03:43, 28 February 2011 (EST)

No, unfortunately it's been a combination of miserable weather and busy. I think the whole graticule has gone dormant. I hope I'll be able to see you when you're in Vancouver, and that we get a great geohash. -Robyn 15:17, 28 February 2011 (EST)


I just saw your old comment in the talk page for my graticule: "I've been reading about your floodwaters including lots of pig feces and diesel fuel. I hope everyone is doing okay down there. Robyn 04:24, 19 June 2008 (UTC)" And I just want to say thanks.

How to contact an admin?[edit]

Hi Robyn! I changed my user page from mrBrennan to BrendanTWhite, and created a new BrendanTWhite username, like it says in the "Changing the Name of Your User Page" section of the Creating a User Page page. Then, it says to contact an admin to ask for my old account to be deleted.

So with apologies if this is an RTFM question, but how do I contact an admin? I searched this wiki with the Search widget, but couldn't find anything... Thanks!

...also, the links to mrBrennan don't seem to have automagically changed to BrendanTWhite. I've now changed most of them manually, but haven't done eg the photo 2013-10-28_-34_138_number559.jpg. What did I do wrong?

I haven't edited the wiki in a good long time. My job has changed so I have less free time, so while I occasionally still Geohash, I haven't logged one in ages. Last I was active [JoannaC] was a good admin to ask for such things. I don't think links auto change, but perhaps the admin changing your account does it. Feel free to update the "how to change" page to make it clearer for the next person, once you figure it out.

The links will not change automatically, but if you click on a link to User:Mrbrennan it will automatically redirect to User:BrendanTWhite. As such I'm not going to delete your old account because those redirects will be removed. --joannac (talk) 16:09, 28 October 2013 (EDT)