2010-04-06 48 11

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Tue 6 Apr 2010 in 48,11:
48.2117945, 11.1908889

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Approx. 1 km E of Mammendorf, on a field and very close to an intersection that was clearly visible on maps and satellite images.



The plans were: Do not work long today, take an early train, check out the spot and be home in time to cook dinner and have it ready at 8 pm.


The plan worked out. Some Details:

  • After having biked more than 100 km the previous day, I felt like not getting up at 6:15 and instead turning this into a short day at work (i.e. no lunch break and 4h <= t_work <= 6h).
  • Despite the fact that my bike was not at the train station but at my company and I therefore had to walk after getting off the train in the morning, I just made it in time to not violate the lower limit for t_work stated above.
  • I actually did get some stuff done during the four hours at work. I took one of the local (RB) trains that I usually avoid in favor of the express (RE) trains since I wanted to get off in Mammendorf.
  • Everything about finding the coords was smooth and easy. Everything went well because the landmarks were very obvious. Again, I was amazed how good OpenStreetMap (OSM) is compared to Google Maps. The bridge North of the location and the new road across it were accurately displayed on OSM, but only hinted at on Google Maps. Also, the smaller roads between the fields were all there on OSM -- even the very tiny ones. Awesome!
  • This geohash is the one where I saw the coolest garbage compactor/shredder ever! Look at the pictures below, and I am sure that all y'all will agree. This thing was incredibly cool looking. I thank the algorithm for constantly taking me to places where I see stuff like that.
  • Also, the weather was just beautiful.
  • The plan to have dinner ready when Mar would come home was achieved as well.