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[edit] Expeditions Being Planned

Seattle, Washington Thomcat Queen Anne Hill in Seattle, with a view of the Space Needle.
Newark, New Jersey Jevanyn Very reachable location, but I'm busy most of the day :-( -- Jevanyn (talk...
Danbury, Connecticut OtherJack In the parking lot of Starlight Limousine Service in Blauvelt, New York

[edit] Recent Expeditions

Portland, Oregon Jim In the parking lot of the Beaverton Home Depot
Kassel, Germany GeorgDerReisende The hash lay on an old dump of earth and stones above Uengsterode.
Córdoba, Argentina Onicofago On a hill 500m from a dirt road near town of Saldán. Córdoba, Argentina.
Seattle, Washington Thomcat Earth day in Federal Way, just off the West Campus Trail.
München, Germany TheOneRing at the train station Seefeld-Hechendorf.
Truckee, California Anthony Just south of Donner Lake, on South Shore Drive (in the street, according t...
Buffalo, New York simon the dog, myka the dog, Pedalpusher Crab Hollow State Forest