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Expeditions Being Planned[edit]

Buffalo, New York simon the dog, myka the dog, Pedalpusher In the woods of Nine Mile Creek State Forest
München, Germany B2c, Micsnare Yay, we're there ;) -- Micsnare (talk) @48.1716,11.5623 15:59, 26 February...
Norwich, United Kingdom Sourcerer A field between Snape and Aldeburgh, Suffolk, UK.

Recent Expeditions[edit]

Toccoa, Georgia NWoodruff On top of a building in Flowery Branch.
Paderborn, Germany Chilango314 On the outscirts of a small town called Harbshausen, right next to the Eder...
Helsinki, Finland PPP, no visible trace of any other a In the pavement / cycling lane near the Opera house at Mannerheimintie Tööl...
Canberra, Australia 1PE In the 'front' yard of a battleaxe block adjoining a walking/bike path, in ...
Cedar Rapids, Iowa CJ Sprogis At the edge of a farm field on the S-curve between Independence and Hazelto...