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[edit] Expeditions Being Planned

Norwich, United Kingdom Sourcerer On a disused airfield next to a public right of way near Halesworth, Suffol...
Yakima, Washington Thomcat East of Holmes (and south of Ellensburg) on Tjossem road
Innsbruck, Austria TheOneRing on a meadow near Deining.
Pforzheim, Germany RecentlyChanged Stupferich Karlsruhe, probably on a private field.
Stuttgart, Germany RecentlyChanged We will be there around 3 pm today. We will have at least one new drag alon...
Erfurt, Germany Reinhard, bergie, pico, Manu On a road behind a furniture store.
Portland, Oregon Shmur SW Terwiliger Blvd East shoulder across from Tryon Creek State Park
Ottawa, Ontario Jlam Running track of Rockcliffe Park Public School
Pforzheim, Germany RecentlyChanged Horb am Neckar
Norwich, United Kingdom Sourcerer Near the Transport Museum next to a public footpath, Carlton Colville, Suff...
Tampere, Finland the wife, their daughter, Pastori In Pirkkala. The point lies in the middle of a motorway.
Rovaniemi, Finland isopekka In Rovaniemi, in Korkiavaara.

[edit] Recent Expeditions

Buffalo, New York Pedalpusher In a field, East of Collins
Portland, Oregon Jim, Mrs.5000, Michael5000 In the Beaverton Bed, Bath, and Beyond pillow section on Mouseover day!
Zürich, Switzerland Chris 47 8 Schottikon
Schweinfurt, Germany bergie, Manu, Reinhard, j, Juja, pico In the forest near Waldau, Thuringia.
Rotterdam, Netherlands FelixTheCat Strijbeekse Heide, just outside Strijbeek. Municipality of Alphen-Chaam.
Norwich, United Kingdom Someone went Mouseover Day is in the North Sea off Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK.
Rovaniemi, Finland isopekka In Rovaniemi, in Ounasvaara recreational area.
Hannover, Germany Fippe located on the property of a metalware store/factory in Hemmingen-Westerfeld...
Dortmund, Germany Someone went Done. Report will follow.
Norwich, United Kingdom Sourcerer, ChromeCrusaders A field perimeter, close to Brundish, Norfolk, UK.
Hannover, Germany Fippe located on a field of rye in Otternhagen.
Manchester, United Kingdom Marsh located within an open and accessible public backstreet in the town of Leig...
Rovaniemi, Finland isopekka In Rovaniemi, near a forest road.
Mannheim, Germany Q-Owl Near Bensheim on the northern part of the Hemsberg hill.
Norwich, United Kingdom Sourcerer In the middle of Rollesby Broad, Rollesby, Norfolk UK.