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Thu 4 Jan 2018 in 31,34:
31.5663952, 34.5797859

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A field northeast of Erez, Israel in the 'Aza perimeter.


Yosef (talk)


I'm usually driving around this area, so maybe it will be interesting. I hope to park inside Kibbutz Erez and then walk out to the point.

A note on the location[edit]

Kibbutz Erez is just north of the Gaza Strip. A kibbutz is a commune that is meant to be a mini communist village. They tend to have central dining halls and share many resources together, including usually a farm or a factory. Today, they are considered a failed experiment as many of them are privatizing. The Gaza Strip is an area that is supposed to be under the Palestinian Authority but is de facto run by Hamas. In 2014, Hamas succeeded in penetrating villages surrounding the Gaza Strip by digging underground tunnels so security tends to be tight in these areas.


I ended up finishing work in Ashdod in the early afternoon and drove down to Erez. I ended up missing a turn but quickly turned around. When I got to the gate of the town I saw that it was locked so I had to ask around at security to get them to open it for me so I could park inside. I parked, walked out of the town, wandered through the farm and then under both highway 34 and the train tracks until I arrived at the hashpoint. It was about a three kilometer walk. On the walk back I heard the sunset Muezzin from Gaza a few kilometers away.