2017-09-14 31 35

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Thu 14 Sep 2017 in 31,35:
31.8197840, 35.5076870

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Beit Hoglah, West Bank, Israel. Lowest hash ever.




The 961 bus leaves on Thursday morning at 7:00. Maybe I'll get lucky and someone else will be on it?


The bus traveled as planned. I got off, and went east towards the army base. I alerted the guard there that I was going to go on a short hike to the southeast. She seemed fine with that. I walked into Beit Hoglah which had a group of abandoned houses at the entrance. It looks like there are less than fifty people living there with many more date palm trees. I crossed the wadi which was dry but full of plants and climbed along some small sand banks until I reached the hash point. By looking at amudanan.co.il, the hashpoint looks like it's around -337 meters, but the powers that be can debate on what it really is. On the way back I did a lap around Beit Hoglah to see if there was anything interesting there and returned to the bus station. The town ended up being fenced, so I didn't go inside. It probably is too small to appear on a map so I'll need to find a better name for the area.

Future plans for lowest hashpoint[edit]

It looks like the lowest hashpoint is going to be stay in the region unless someone decides to dig a hole or do an insane scuba dive or submarine hash. The Jordan River/Dead Sea depression is the deepest in the world, and the only way to reach it is to go to either Jordan or Israel. The Dead Sea is about 415 meters below sea level so that will likely be where it will stop. By the way, if you're wondering where the name "West Bank" came from, it refers to the west bank of the Jordan River which is a large part of the Israeli/Jordanian border.

In other news it looks like tomorrow's: 2017-09-14 31 35 will be at -364 meters. I won't go because I think it's a closed military zone, and I'll be busy.



Yosef earned the Lowest Geohash Achievement
by reaching a depth of -337 meters at the (31, 35) geohash on 2017-09-14.