2017-07-10 31 35

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Mon 10 Jul 2017 in 31,35:
31.6962961, 35.0996062

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This is just outside of Beitar Ilit. Beitar Ilit is famous for being an Ultr-Orthodox town with a medium age of eleven. That's right, half of the humans in this town are under the age of eleven. If reached this would be the first successful hash in the West Bank.




There are a ton of buses from Jerusalem to Beitar Ilit. Let's see how it goes.


I got there and it turned out that the brown area is specifically a giant construction site for the next expansion of the town. In other words it might be possible for me to convince someone to let me into the site but it's likely best left to the people with the backhoes and dump-trucks. They were very thorough about fencing it off throughout almost the entire town.




No trespassing award.