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Sun 16 Jul 2017 in 31,34:
31.8192469, 34.8218976

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A field between Yad Binyamin and Mazkeret Batya

The point looked like it was in a field north of highway 7 between Yad Binyamin and Mazkeret Batya with Gedera to the West. There was an important compound in the middle of the field and it looked like the point was just outside of that compound.




I had the choice of going via either Mazkeret Batya Junction or Yad Binyamin Junction. Yad Binyamin to the south looked closer.


After getting to the Yad Binyamin Junction (YBJ) at around eight in the morning, I went into a nearby gas station to refill my water bottle and go to the bathroom. Hydration would be crucial. It looked like YB was a fenced town so after talking with a local, I went around the western side of the fence through several agricultural fields. The paths were quite windy and navigation using the sun and my phone was helpful.

After a long walk I made it to highway seven and learned that crossing highways is hard. After walking eastward along the ditch next to the highway I found a hole that seemed to lead to the other side. Having no idea what was in there I warily crawled through it. Chances are the hole was meant for animals to be able to safely cross the highway but for me it worked just fine.

On the other side I meandered through more fields until I finally made it to the point. It was fun seeing all of the different crops on the way.

I decided not to go back the way I came because the fields to the direction of East Mazkeret Batya Junction (EMBJ) looked like they had more direct paths without having to cross the highway.

My timing was perfect and I caught the bus home right as it came.

All in all, I estimate a 10 km hike.