Jerusalem, Israel

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Tel-Aviv (Goosh Dan) Haifa East Az Zarqā', Jordan
Beersheba Jerusalem Saḩāb, Jordan
Mitzpe Ramon Aţ Ţafīlah, Jordan Al Jafr, Jordan

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Today's Location: [Jerusalem, Israel]

The graticule (31,35) contains Jerusalem, much of the southern West Bank, the Dead Sea, and some of Jordan (including the capital, Amman).

Due to the political situation in the Middle East, it may be difficult to travel between these areas to reach geohashes. Therefore, neighbouring graticules or the alternative Israel graticule could be a good fallback option, if their hash locations are more reachable. See the Israel graticule for more information.

On the other hand, the inclusion of the Dead Sea (being the lowest point on Earth) in this graticule means that it is the home of the Low Geohash achievement.

Boating on the Dead Sea[edit]

It will be important for geohashers to try and figure out how to take a boat on the Dead Sea. This is a serious challenge for several reasons. In practice it is not done. It is a military area because it is on the border between Israel and Jordan. The area is considered dangerous because of sink-holes. Nonetheless, there is a point in the Dead Sea on average at least once a month which would be a major success.

Past expeditions[edit]


APPROXIMATE! Statistics[edit]

  • The Jerusalem graticule is 12306 km^2 in area. -- Calculation: cos(31.5)*111.13^2
  • The city of Jerusalem has an area of 125.1 km^2.
  • On average every 98 days there will be a hashpoint in the city of Jerusalem.
  • The area of the Dead Sea is 605 km^2. Of that 15 km^2 is not in the Jerusalem graticule.
  • There is a point in the Dead Sea on average every 20.3 days.
  • The lowest point on Earth is in the Dead Sea at 415 meters below sea level
  • The Sea of Galilee (Haifa East) is 212 meters below sea level.
  • The Jordan River flows down from the Sea of Galilee to the Dead Sea so that all of that area is also below sea level.
  • Greater Amman, Jordan is 1680 km^2 and is in both the Jerusalem and Haifa East graticules.