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Upcoming Coordinates and Map Quick-Links

Monday 2018-12-17 -33.3801437, 151.1762437
Sunday 2018-12-16 -33.0869795, 151.3637391
Saturday 2018-12-15 -33.9223184, 151.7570495
Friday 2018-12-14 -33.9878409, 151.1059196
Muswellbrook Newcastle Forster
Blue Moutains CJ/sandbox/Sydney Pacific Ocean
Wollongong Sutherland Pacific Ocean

Sydney Opera House

The Sydney graticule lies at -33 degrees latitude, 151 degrees longitude.

Sydney is Australia's largest and oldest city, and is full of interesting places and twisted, hard-to-find streets. It is a rich cultural tapestry with hidden surprises lurking around every corner, waiting to be found.

In other words, it's perfect for geohashing.

Sydney Surrounds[edit]

Metropolitan Sydney's vast urban sprawl has led to its occupation of two graticules (well, four really, but only just). To the West lies the Blue Mountains graticule. This area includes much of Western Sydney as well as the Blue Mountains themselves. On days when the Sydney target falls in the Pacific Ocean, there is often a suitable location in this graticule.

To the South-West, the outlying suburb of Campbelltown is firmly within the Wollongong graticule, whilst Sutherland lies in a graticule directly South that is almost entirely ocean.

Weekend Locations[edit]

Weekend Locations available from 11:30pm Friday night AEST.
xkcd weekend meet-ups in the Sydney graticule currently occur at 3pm SUNDAYS.
(This may revert to 4pm during Summer months)

Upcoming Locations[edit]

Please leave comments here about your intention to attend meet-ups.
Arrow6.png 12th August 2008 (Tuesday) - Sydney - In the ocean.
  • Blue Mountains location in Londonderry.
Arrow6.png 11th August 2008 (Monday) - Sydney - In the ocean.
  • Blue Mountains location in Baulkham Hills.

Previous Expeditions[edit]

Arrow2.png 11th August 2008 (Monday) - Blue Mountains - The quiet suburbia of Henry St, Baulkham Hills.
Arrow2.png 29th July 2008 (Tuesday) - Sydney - Just behind a hedge on Lane Cove Rd, North Ryde.
Arrow2.png 27th July 2008 (Sunday) - Sydney - An industrial building in North Ryde. Heavy rainfall also came along.
Arrow4.png 6th July 2008 (Sunday) - Blue Mountains - Located in a paddock near Windsor. Access was denied due to the hash being on private property.
Arrow2.png 22nd June 2008 (Sunday) - Sydney - Alkira Cct, Beacon Hill next to the park. Kite flying fun!
Arrow2.png 20th June 2008 (Friday) - Sydney - Cotswold Rd, Strathfield. Right in the middle of the road.
Arrow2.png 1st June 2008 (Sunday) - Wollongong - Park Rd, Woonona. Just near the train station.
Arrow4.png 26th May 2008 (Monday) - Blue Mountains - Kristine St, Winmalee. Located in a private backyard. No access.
Arrow2.png 25th May 2008 (Sunday) - Sydney - Long-Term Carpark at Sydney Airport. Sydney's first geohash!

Local Geohashers[edit]

Come on Sydney geohashers - add yourself alphabetically to the list, and add {{User Sydney}} to your User page. You can also join our discussions on the Sydney Graticule Facebook group.

  • 2e96b290f6c5ccd2bc6830557c0aba6e - Northern Beaches, has resolved to bring a small kite to all future expeditions
  • AJ - Near Parramatta.
  • Andrew - Lower Blue Mountains
  • Camw - Upper North Shore
  • Chidget - Sydney West, Mountains.
  • CJ - Lower North Shore.
  • DancingMan - Inner West
  • Danny - in Glebe.
  • Erasmus - Near Parramatta.
  • eu/NEKE - I'm at the northern end of the East Sydney graticule, but only just (I'm in Valentine, on Lake Macquarie). I'd likely only be in for meets near Lake Macquarie, otherwise I'll look at where the Newcastle graticule ends up.
  • flowblok - North Ryde. May come to the Tuesday, Thursday or Weekend meetups, providing the location is close to me. :)
  • FyKnight - Outer inner west. Might try for a few weekends if they're a challenge!
  • Gamo - North Shore
  • Gnat - near Parramatta/Baulkham Hills
  • Gormster - northern beaches
  • hermaj - Western Sydney, more likely to head towards the city rather than the mountains, unless it's close.
  • Jesh - Western Sydney. 14th June's Geohash is right on my street.
  • Khaless - North Shore
  • Lycurgus - northern beaches :D
  • Middlerun - Inner West
  • MrDrake - Near Parramatta. Look forward to having one in Sydney!
  • Pete - Hawkesbury/Mountains - I'll come to a few meets if they aren't far away
  • Pettymiam - Near CBD
  • Phraedus - Eastern Burbs
  • Psym - Northern Beaches
  • Rgrtht - North Shore
  • rikkyc - i'm along the coast, a few minutes from the CBD.
  • Richard - Sydney is a big place
  • Shady - Hills District/Near Parramatta
  • Wraith - Hills District/Near Parramatta