2008-06-22 -33 151

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Sun 22 Jun 2008 in -33,151:
-33.7465293, 151.2642328

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This one is on Alkira Court, near Willandra Road, Beacon Hill. Meeting time is 4pm, as usual.

Map: [1]



MrDrake and DancingMan arrived a few minutes early. DancingMan chalked up "xkcd" on the road, and then disappeared for a walk around the block, which briefly caused MrDrake to think that someone else had been and gone. 2e96b290f6c5ccd2bc6830557c0aba6e (henceforth referred to as r2d2, because I don't want to type his full username every time) turned up shortly after. We found that the co-ordinates were pretty close to a tree on the edge of the scrub, so we chalked up the tree and juggled, qualifying us all for a Circus Geohash achievement.

MrDrake lamented the lack of a kite, and r2d2 replied that he did, in fact, have a kite. And not just any kite, but a damn big one too! However, near a main road and overhead power lines was not a good idea for flying, so we drove down the road to the sports grounds, hoping to fly there. Unfortunately, the grounds were occupied by football teams, so we headed uphill and found a clearing with barely enough space to get it up. But it flew!