2008-05-25 -33 151

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Sun 25 May 2008 in -33,151:
-33.9417749, 151.1828736

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This location is at -33.941774° 151.182873° and can be viewed here.

It is situated in a fenced-off, locked-up carpark next to the Remote Long Term Parking Area at Sydney Airport.


  • Middlerun - I got there at about 3:50 pm. As far as I know I was the only person to make it. I went to the long term car park, where I thought the hash was, only to discover that there was a fence I hadn't noticed when I looked it up in Google Earth, and the gates were locked. Luckily there was a gash in the fence which had been closed up with a few bits of wire. I removed some of the wires and got through, took the photos, and then went back to wait for other geohashers. A security guy asked to see my parking ticket, and I told him I didn't have one because I was meeting someone. He asked me to wait by the office at the entrance to the car park, so I just left. When I got back to the terminal I met Gormster who recognised my Sudo shirt.
  • Gormster - Arrived too late, after Middlerun had already been kicked out by security.