2008-06-01 -34 150

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Sun 1 Jun 2008 in -34,150:
-34.3491079, 150.9162389

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This one falls at 12 Park Rd, Woonona. The train station is conveniently nearby.

-34.3491079341188037, 150.9162389042702137

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This hash was reached by me (DancingMan) at 15:50. I remained until 16:20, but no-one else showed up while I was there. Possibly, this had something to do with the gloomy, drizzling weather.

This suburb is mostly residential, single & double storey houses; a lot of them look quite new, or at least, have been given a lick of paint recently. There's a beach at the end of the road, but owing to the miserable weather, I didn't bother to go look.

Park Rd itself was far busier than I anticipated; there was a car going past at least every 10 seconds.

A couple of residents of No.12 arrived while I was waiting, however, they didn't look particularly friendly, so I didn't approach.

DancingMan 08:05, 1 June 2008 (UTC)

I (Mephistopheles) missed the designated time, but I did manage to get there at about 17:45. Google's satellite photo showed the spot within number 10, so that's what my photo is of. It was dark, so I had to use flash, and I didn't want anyone coming out to abuse me, so I only got the one shot (it's the one of the white fence).

000 0105.jpg