2008-07-06 -33 150

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Sun 6 Jul 2008 in -33,150:
-33.6516358, 150.8931967

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This one was in the middle of a paddock (private property), in Windsor. Meeting time was 3pm, earlier due to the fact that it starts to get dark at around 4pm


+ Five others (not sure which of them have accounts here, so add yourselves)

All Attendees earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost reaching the (-33, 150) geohash on 2008-07-06.
2008-07-06 - Group.JPG


Gnat proposed that we meet at 3pm or earlier due to lighting, CJ agreed to 3pm. CJ turned up at about 3pm, and approached the property he though the hash was located on. The property belonged to a "Community Centre" for..... mentally disadvantaged people. He (and friends) left, and continued down the road to the next property. They decided to use stealth tactics, and made for the hash, climbing over fences, and hiding behind hay bales. Unfortunately, the owners of the property (possibly also.... mentally disadvantaged people...) spotted them (must have rolled a 20 on their Spot check....). CJ and team decided to beat a hasty retreat, and returned to the car to await the arrival of further geohashers.

At about 3:30pm, Gnat and friends arrived, (having meant to arrive at 2:30, but lunch went on quite a bit longer than expected....). They went up the driveway to the Community Center, spotted the... residents, decided that they resembled a zombie horde, and hightailed it back to the road. They continued up the road and encountered the other owners (that chased CJ away - but they didn't know that yet), decided they were possibly part of the zombie community, and stopped a bit further up the road to consult their map. It appeared that the hash was on the zombie property, and were preparing for an excursion when CJ pulled up.

With his previous encounter with said owners, who were by now cleaning and readying (at least, we think they were) shotguns (zombies with shotguns!?!?!), so the attempt was cancelled and the the meetup moved a fair distance up the road. There, we lamented the lack of a kite, with which we could have taken aerial pictures of the hash, and congregated around a petrified pile of horse... business.. After waiting a while for more geohashers turned up, we decided to head for a drink.

Somehow, on the way, Gnat managed to lose track of CJ, and, running low on petrol, decided to head home.

And a short clip, sorry about shakiness, friend was taping while Gnat drove. First driveway is the property that CJ was chased off. Second is the zombie center, complete with one standing in front (seriously, he was there pretty much since we got there.....) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCii1Q2nj9c