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Lol-asg.png 24 / m / -33,151

geohashes are really quite difficult with public transport and feet as your only resources.
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Home graticule[edit]
Surrounding graticules[edit]


  • Total geohashes attempted: 2 across 2 graticules
  • Geohashes achieved: 1
  • Geohashes denied access/otherwise failed: 1/0
  • Combined distance travelled to hashpoints: 147.5km
  • Longest distance travelled to hashpoint: 107km
  • Shortest distance travelled to hashpoint: 40.5km
  • I have not yet attended a geohash at which other people are present.

Distance is one-way, calculated by Google Maps.

Geohash history[edit]

Arrow2.png 10th September 2008 (Wednesday) - Sydney - I arrived just before 5pm, after various train delays, trackwork and missed buses.

Although I took plenty of photographs of/at the spot, I forgot to take one of myself and thus didn't qualify for the land geohash achievement.

Arrow4.png 2nd October 2008 (Thursday) - Blue Mountains - I got to the hashpoint at the arranged time of 3:30pm, only to find that CJ hadn't shown up. So I went home.


Image-New South Wales locator-MJC.png This geohasher comes from Sydney.