2008-07-12 41 -71

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Sat 12 Jul 2008 in Providence:
41.6128965, -71.2604917

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The Location[edit]

Map Coordinates

The site is located near Route 114 on the northern end of Portsmouth, RI. It is on the edge of the privately owned Carnegie Abbey Club golf course.

The Geohash[edit]

The hash location was perhaps 100 meters west of Route 114, and south of residential Willow Lane. Willow Lane has houses with very large yards, and although there is a small wooden fence along the highway, it is not continuous and does not provide much real obstruction. The site is accessible from either direction, although if the houses on Willow Lane seem populated it might be best to stick with the road.

The Carnegie Abbey Club is the owner of the land, and the edge of a well-maintained golf course is visible from near the hash; however, the hash itself is overgrown with tall grasses and shrubs. The hash and surrounding area provided a beautiful overlook onto the Bay, perhaps 1.5 km distant, as well as several nearby islands. A short way down Route 114 there is a pulloff, which has probably the best overall view as well as some (nearly illegible) signs about the history of the area and the Battle of Rhode Island.

The Meetup[edit]

Ben and Grace parked on Willow Lane and then walked down Route 114, hoping to avoid private property and assault the site from the east. Finding this impossible, we skirted the fence and proceeded through the grasses to the point. There, we found Ian (?) (sorry, I'm terrible with names), who had reached the point some time before. He was camped out with his guitar, and had made a very nice marker for the hash site. He also arrived via a RIPTA bus, earning him the Public Transport Geohash.

None of us had GPS units or proper cameras; we did take a few pictures of questionable quality with cellphone cameras.