2008-06-05 42 -71

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Thu 5 Jun 2008 in Boston:
42.0664391, -71.1843892

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The Location[edit]

Map Coordinates

The site is located very near to the border between Foxborough, MA and Sharon, MA. It is several hundred meters from nearby Mansfield Street. The site falls on private property; specifically, the yard associated with a large house set back from Mansfield Street. A state park, Borderland State Park, is located close by.

The Geohash[edit]

At roughly 3PM, Ben and Grace approached the site by car. Disregarding the light mist, we parked nearby and proceeded on foot.

Post-Geohash Adventures[edit]

The entrance to Borderland State Park was only a couple of miles away. We paid a $2 entrance fee and looked around for a while. The place was apparently once a wealthy family's living space; their mansion and much of the grounds still stands in its original condition. There is also a sizable pair of ponds, and the usual New England assortment of flora and fauna. The park has a visitor's center with maps and other information; it was reasonably well-equipped, on the whole. They also have an 18-hole frisbee golf course scattered throughout; it looked fairly challenging, if you're into that sort of thing.