2008-06-08 42 -71

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Sun 8 Jun 2008 in 42,-71:
42.0475817, -71.2309159

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The Location[edit]

Map Coordinates

The site is in the woods in Foxborough, but less than a mile from the center of Mansfield. It is best accessible either from a (plant) nursery or from nearby railroad tracks. It's unclear who owns the property; there are no obvious boundaries (although the land is not the most passable in places).

The Geohash[edit]

We approached from Mansfield center, walking up County Street. It turned out that, for whatever reason, there was a substantial network of trails in the relevent segment of forest, such that we didn't have any trouble getting quite near the point. The trails connect both to the railroad tracks to the east, and the nursery to the southwest.

A Separate Expedition[edit]

James and Sam also reached this geohash, albeit by a slightly more difficult route. They parked across from the plant nursery on Spring St and, mindful of a "no trespassing" sign, decided to travel parallel to the railroad tracks. On their journey, they discovered an abandoned fold-out couch and the body of a quite large but unfortunately deceased turtle. Upon reaching an appropriate spot, they bushwhacked until they came across the sign left by Ben and Grace as well as, to their relief, a trail back out through the nursery.